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Running head: YOUNG AND CHILDREN CASE SCENARIO 1Young and Children Case ScenarioNameInstitution

YOUNG AND CHILDREN CASE SCENARIO 2YOUNG AND CHILDREN CASE SCENARIOQuestion (a)Among many theories, System theory and developmental theory will be related in thisfamily’ situation in case scenario. System theory means analysing social problem in order tomake better with diverse strategies for specified clients. Clients’ consideration is normallyindividual problem in relation to social context. For finding solution this issue, people useprinciples and concepts from system theory. System theory is a method of complex systemincluding the person in environment (Falkenberg, Lindfors, Chandola & Head, 2017). System theory can make us to comprehend factors and variety of client system forbalancing strategies. Especially, this family in case scenario is relevant of micro level in systemtheory. Micro level belongs to problem of individual, group or family, family’s physical stateand the social interactions within primary relationships. To be based on micro level perspective,social workers need to appraise how the family take care of their children in terms of physicalissue, problem and social relationships. As a role of parents, they should conduct right ethicalactions or role in family such as providing shelter, medical care, nutritive food and fundamentaleducation to children. In this case scenario, Tess neglects her children and she is going out partying with herfriends. Her husband, Ian cannot stay with family because of his workplace. Only Francis takecare of her grandchildren. Fortunately, her children as Matthew and Samantha were not shownphysical abuse symptom, however, they showed critical hygiene condition and nutritivecondition. Secondly, in side of developmental theory view, social worker can predict Tess’schildren emotional and psychological condition. Children learn cognitive abilities, languageusage through adult’s behaviour during childhood and adolescence. According to Erikson’s

YOUNG AND CHILDREN CASE SCENARIO 3psychosocial developmental theory, children have eight-stage psychosocial development throughinteraction and experience. In Psychosocial stage 4, children gain sense of pride in theiraccomplishments by interacting in society. If parents and teachers encourage children, childrencan feel competence to be able to do any tasks. However, if parents neglect their children growth during psychological developmentperiod, children can possibly grow up with a sense of inferiority. Most parents who havechildhood traumas such as parents’ death, divorce and separation commit children abuse orneglect. Once the parents do not take care of children, children may have damage physically andemotionally (Howe, D, 2015). Therefore, a social worker should focus on family’s health issue intheir home, school and community. Although, the progress will be difficult and complex, a socialworker will help a vulnerable family to adapt successfully in the adversity. In order to help theirresilience, a social worker should find their particular strengths which can influence positively todevelop relationship Question (b)In the point of a multidimensional approach perspective, there are three methods ofmultidimensional approaches: biological; psychological; and spiritual dimensions. The key pointof psychological dimension is the cognitive aspect. Our memory, thought and emotion are part ofcognitive aspects. Cognitive theorists argued that lifespan is a classified processes of cognitivestages. According to the successful stage of cognitive development, people can achieve highcognitive level, develop memory, and improve verbal capacity and reasoning skills. On the otherhand, other theorists thought that people have unconscious psychological life which includes ourdream life and first motivation. Another point of the psychological dimension is the emotionalaspect such as distress, sadness, depression and anger (OlaOlorun, Tsui, Otupiri, Seme, Tobey &

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