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Your Client has tasked you to design a Mill-Type Heavy

Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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Your Client has tasked you to design a Mill-Type Heavy Industrial Building with multiple bays that willhost separate metal processing and finishing shops.Explain in detail the following aspects of the design process with respect to this type of steel structure:a)The Structural System and Type for this Particular Application.b)The Buildability Criteria Which You Will Use to Base the Structural Layout and Design of theBuilding.c)The Choice of an Open or Covered Structure.d)The Choice of Utilising Shop or Site Connection of the Building's Steel StructuralComponents.e)The Sequence and Method of Erection of the Steel Structure.[It is anticipated that you will provide your answer within approximately five pages. You may provideyour own sketches with your answers to facilitate discussion of the above points].
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