Pharmacy-related issues and request for resolutions


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[Your Name][Address][City, State, Zip][27th November 2016]The Honorable Richard BurrUnited States Senate217 Russell Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510Re: Pharmacy-related issue & request for resolutions.Dear Senator Burr,I am a pharmacy student at [School Name]. I am writing to in regards to recent pharmacy-related issues faced & we request for resolutions at the earliest.As a constituent of yours, I hope that you will consider some of the key issues which I would like to address & would like to bring it to your notice. Sometimes there is a shortage of drugs in the hospital & vicinity because of which there is a long-lasting customer queue whicharecontinuously demanding regular drugs. Even though pharmacy employees keep a list of records of regularly demanded drugs & injections, still, there is a supply shortage due to vendor mismanagement or sometimes due to the pharmacy staff not been efficient in updating the list on regular basis or ordering it on time. Due to complete mismanagement & efficiency, it results in chaos & customer dissatisfaction. This should be addressed on an immediate basis as taking care of customers or patients is also a responsibility of the pharmacy. Such experiences lead to the loss of trust & faith from the medical care.We also noticed that pharmacy staff supports specific drugs more due to the push sales from the back end vendors giving them commissions & incentives in promoting it. Majorly on routine schedule time, it was noticed pharmacy staff even though specific drugs are available
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in the shop still they decline to give it & give other cheap quality inferior medicines due to push sales from drug vendors. Customers may or may take pharmacy staff replaced drugs again leading to dissatisfaction. This should be continuously monitored by the authorities & checkpoints should be adhered by pharmacists.Over the counter medicines are sold even without verifying prescriptions. Sometimes, chemist simply gives customer requested medicines without even giving unbiased suggestions related to medicines. Sometimes, it’s noticed customers don’t even visit doctors & take trust pharmacy staff advice blindly. One should keep a tab about such unprescribed medicines sold to customers & should always provide unbiased suggestions. Selling such discounted & promoted medicines to customers without even verifying from the authorities may lead to uncontrolled damages in patients.Additionally, sometimes there is a change of packaging & or vendor providing inferior quality drug with similarnames. A pharmacy staff should verify each & every drug supplied thoroughly before selling it off to the customers. For e.g. it was once noticed that solution in the Vitamin D3 was diluted with some cheap solution. Giving it to children or used by adults without even checking such solutions can lead to life damaging effects.It was also noticed from the experience that pharmacists do not have a uniformityof pharmacy practices. Some pharmacists are not even qualified to run OTC shops. At least uniformity to open a counter they should have minimum qualifications & proper license should be issued, verified by the state or government regulated boards. Incase if the pharmacists are not following board rules & regulation strict actions should be taken which includes cancellation of license or debarring from practicing.It was also observed some pharmacists do not service customers properly.Since pharmacists is also a white collar & responsible job hence staffing, training & development should be an
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