Zara UK Case Study Solution

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Zara UK
Zara UKZara is considered as one of the leading fashion clothing brand. From the coastal areas ofSpain to now being successfully operating in all over the world has proved the potential ofcompany. This was founded in 1975 by Amanicio Ortega and Rosalia Mera, since then it isconsistently serving faithfully to the customers. In UK the store is situated in Mayfair, London.Objectives:The main objective of the company is concerned with the sustainabledevelopment of society. With the wast range of product line, needs of men, women and kids aremet. Several new innovations such as strictly avoiding the use of toxic elements whilemanufacturing has created goodwill for the company.Marketing objectives:Conquering the markets of UK, zara established severalmarketing objectives like increase the awareness about brand, additional changes in clothingsegment. In order to attain these goals strategies have been developed by management.Launching campaigns on social media and use of popular faces in the advertisement has led tothe popularity of brand. With regards to the clothing segment, measures like use of high qualitymaterial and inclusion of different sizes(Tsimonis and Dimitriadis, 2014).PESTEL analysis ZaraPolitical factors:Changes in the political structure in Europe has helped in improvingthe position of Zara. Like free trade agreements in which no interference of government in theform of restrictions is made in business. Sales of the company grew by 17% due to theintroduction of this policy. More benefits can be availed if the company consistently explore themarkets of Europe(Thompson and McLarney, 2017).Economical factors:Favourable economic condition in Spain allowed the company togrow, but the exit of British from European union has affected the business operating in UK. Theincrease in the inflation rates and reduction in the income of consumers this causes becamehindrance in the profitability as customers not being able to buy expensive clothes offered byZara.Social factors:Change in the purchasing behaviour of customers are the result of thetrend, belief or values. Impact of this factor on the business of Zara is positive as increasingpreferences of people regrading making fashion as a priority has allowed the company to furtherexpand its bases. In several countries the brand is altering the product line in accordance to theculture followed by the people.1
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