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ZOTERO TASKS. Work your way through as many of these as

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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ZOTERO TASKSWork your way through as many of these as you can. Do not worry too muchabout getting all the folders created etc. I want you to touch on as many ofthese areas as you can today so I can assist you in class. There will be aworksheet released on this topic shortly which will consist largely of the listbelow.1.Register an account with Zotero.org2.Download Zotero onto your Firefox browsers.3.Sync your Firefox browser to your personal Zotero account.Note: You will need to do this for every time you set up Zotero on differentcomputer.4.Import the Oscola referencing system into your Zotero library. Again, thisis something you will need to repeat the first time you use Zotero on eachcomputer.5.Set up a folder structure in your Zotero account showing all your subjectsfor this year (this Semester and the coming Semester also)6.In the folders for this semester, add in all the books on your core readinglists.7.Add in an example of a journal article.8.Add in an example of a website.ADDING CASESLegal databases do not generally link well into Zotero as yet. There is a workaround for adding in a case onto Zotero, I have recorded a quick video demoshowing the steps on your Moodle page under todays topic, both the tasksbelow (9 and 10) are covered. I also show how you can link your footnotes inWord to Zotero (task 11).9.Add in a Case law example (you will need to create a blank record for this,and copy and paste in the citation into your Zotero Library. See theexample given in the video demo on your Moodle topic for this week.10.Save a downloaded copy of a PDF of a Case and drag and drop it into yourLibrary. Create a parent item. Change that blank document type into aCase document type. Edit as above.
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