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  1. Write a function that takes in a Binary Tree and inverts it. In other words, the function should swap every left node in the tree for its corresponding right node. Each BinaryTree node has an integer value, a left child node, and a right child node. Children nodes can either be BinaryTree nodes themselves or None/Null. Sample Input: tree = 1 / \ 2 3 / \ / \ / \ / \ 4 5 6 7 / \ 8 9 Sample Output: 1 / \ 3 2 / \ / \ / \ / \ 7 6 5 4 / \ 9 8
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  2. Write a function that takes in two non-empty array of integers, finds the pair of numbers (one from each array) whose absolute difference is closest to zero, and returns an array containing these two numbers, with the number from the first array in the first position. Note that the absolute difference of two integers is the distance between them on the real number line. For example, the absolute difference of -5 and 5 is 10, and the absolute difference of -5 and -4 is 1. You can assume that there will only be one pair of numbers with the smallest difference. Sample Input: arrayOne = [-1, 5, 10, 20, 28, 3] arrayTwo = [26, 134, 135, 15, 17] Sample Output: [28, 26]
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  3. Write a function that takes in a string of lowercase English-alphabet letters and returns the index of the string's first non-repeating character. The first non-repeating character is the first character in a string that occurs only once. if the input string doesn't have any non-repeating characters, your function should return -1. Sample Input: string = "abcdcaf" Sample Output: 1 // The first non - repeating character is "b" and is found at index 1.
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  4. Write a function that takes in a non-empty string and returns its run-length encoding. From Wikipedia, "run-length encoding is a form of lossless data compression in which runs of data are stored as a single data value and count, rather than as the original run." For this problem, a run of data is any sequence of consecutive, identical characters. So the run "AAA" would be run-length-encoded as "3A" . To make things more complicated, however, the input string can contain all sorts of special characters, including numbers. And since encoded data must be decodable, this means that we can't natively run-length-encode long runs. For example, the run "AAAAAAAAAAAA" (12 A s). can't natively be encoded as "12A", since this string can be decoded as either "AAAAAAAAAAAA" or "1AA". Thus, long runs (runs of 10 or more characters) should be encoded in a split fashion; the aforementioned run should be encoded as "9A3A". Sample Input: string = "AAAAAAAAAAAAABBCCCCDD" Sample Output: "9A4A2B4C2D"
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  5. In Networking, the bandwidth-delay product (BDP) metric is obtained by multiplying the link's bandwidth by the round-trip time (RTT). Assume a home is connected to an internet service provider (ISP) access point with a 105-meter optical fiber at 150 Mbps. The speed of signal in an optical fiber is approximately 70% of the speed of light, the latter itself being 300,000 km/s. The ISP uses a sliding-window protocol. a) Calculate the BDP over this optical fiber. b) What should be the minimum window size in order to get 100% efficiency; i.e., no sender idle time? c) How does this minimum window size compare to BDP? Based on this, what is the physical meaning of BDP ? d) Assume the ISP moves the access point for this home further away. As a result, the optical fiber length becomes 210 meters. What will be the efficiency if we still use the same window size as before? To reach 100% efficiency again, what should be the new window size ? e) In all of the above, does the size of the packet have any impact of efficiency ?
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  6. You're given a string of available characters and a string representing a document that you need to generate. Write a function that determines if you can generate the document using the available characters. If you can generate the document, your function should return true; otherwise, it should return false. You're only able to generate the document if the frequency of unique characters in the characters string is greater than or equal to the frequency of unique characters in the document string. For example, if you're given characters = "abcabc" and document = "aabbccc" you cannot generate the document because you're missing one c. The document that you need to create may contain any characters, including special characters, capital letters, numbers and spaces. Note: you can always generate the empty string (""). Sample Input: characters = "Bste!hetsi ogEAxpelrt x" document = "AlgoExpert is the Best!" Sample Output: true
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