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  1. Print “censored” if user input contains the word “darn”, else Print user input ends with a newline.
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  2. Set hasDigit to true if the 3-character passCode contains a digit. #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cctype> using namespace std; int main() { bool hasDigit; string passCode; hasDigit = false; cin >> passCode; /* Your solution goes here */ if (hasDigit) { cout << "Has a digit." << endl; } else { cout << "Has no digit." << endl; } return 0; }
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  3. Which Of the following normal forms, _____ is mostly of theoretical interest. Select one: a. 1NF b. BCNF c. DKNF d. 3NF
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  4. Task 1: The next concept you have make materials for are programming paradigms, the different paradigms available along with their usability in creating different kind of programs. The submission will be in a form of a report including 1. Programming paradigms (Procedural, Object oriented and event driven) – their definition, detailed explanation including their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages etc. 2. An analysis of suitable IDEs for each of the paradigms 3. Also outline the relationship among the three programming paradigms. You could also include an analysis that compares and contrasts how event driven, procedural and object-orientated paradigms are used in a given application’s source code. You could also include a critical evaluation of the source code of an application in terms of the code structure and characteristics of the paradigm used. The application chosen needs to demonstrate elements of event driven, procedural and object orientated paradigms
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  5. which of the following is the primary tool or utility for configuring the nano server tool?
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  6. You need to explain here, What is the definition of a class counter containing:
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Online tutoring is the smartest and easiest way of learning. One is required to neither commute nor attend private classes. One requires only a computer and an internet connection. Our online tutors will be happy to help you any time you choose. They are available 24*7 all days. This method is the cost-effective and fastest way to learn. you can easily use desklib expert qna help.

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Our homework help platform provides incredible services that are available for the students at the most affordable payment plans so students can study without being worried about the price. Most of these websites are paid but we have certain free plans as well.

How can you get best help with homework?

Desklib has a 24x7 expert assistance service available and some have slot booking-based services. You have to upload your question and the experts will be assigned to answer your question instantly or in a few hours.

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We provide a document download feature but the number of documents that can be downloaded will depend upon the various plans available on different websites. By the way our best “free plan” can help you to get any document access at free of cost.

What website gives you answers to homework?

Desklib online homework help services are fully ruled by top-level experts having excellent capabilities in different subjects. we can answer every single question of yours. Desklib the most trusted place to get help with your homework.