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Get 24/7 help with your Business Management assignment with step by step study assistance as per your requirement. Choose Desklib’s business management assistance for your academics and open the doors to the new era’s smart learning system.

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  1. a) Consider a database with objects A, B, and C, and the following two transactions T₁ and T₂ involving those objects: T₁ T₂ begin_transaction begin_transaction read(A) read(A) read(B) read(B) read(C) read(C) If A = 13, B := B + B if B = 13, A := A + 1 C := C + 3 C := C + 2 write(B) write(A) write(C) write(C) Commit commit Let the initial values of A and B be 13, and the initial value of C be 10. Also let the consistency requirement be: either A = 13 or B = 13 Show the values that A, B and C would have after the (serial) execution of transaction T₁ followed by the execution of T₂. Show the values of A, B and C if the transactions were executed in the reverse order instead, that is, first T₂ was executed, and then T₁. b) Describe what Database consistency means and using the two findings in part(a) above, show that every serial execution of these two transactions T₁ and T₂ preserves the consistency of the database. (Limit your answer to 60 words) c) This question assumes the following relation schema: Employees(employeeNumber, lastName, firstName, DOB, HireDate, Position, Salary, DeptID) Primary Key: employeeNumber Foreign Key: DeptID refers to DeptID in Departments Departments(DeptID, DeptName, DeptLocation) Primary Key: DeptID Given the following expression in the Relational Algebra: employeeNumber, lastName, firstName, DeptName((Position = 'Manager' Employees) Departments) Show the corresponding SQL query.
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  2. A function is declared: void bazz(long A[], long B[], int n) { /* …. */ } The compiler, given -Og option, generates the following code: movl $0, %eax .L2: cmpl %edx, %eax jge .L4 movslq %eax, %rcx movq (%rsi, %rcx, 8), %r8 addq %r8, (%rdi, %rcx, 8) addl $1, %eax jmp .L2 .L4: ret (Note: the movslq instruction moves and sign-extends the low-order 32 bits of a register to the full 64-bit destination register.) Write the C code for the body of this function.
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  3. Task 2: Submission Format:  A step by step record of the development and debugging of a program from an algorithm with demonstrations of the running code.  The running (compiled/interpretable) code in executable form.  An evaluation report (500 words +/- 100) on using or not using an IDE for software Development.  An evaluation of the debugging process.  An explanation of coding standards and a critical evaluation of the necessity for their use both by individuals and teams.
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  4. Task 1: The next concept you have make materials for are programming paradigms, the different paradigms available along with their usability in creating different kind of programs. The submission will be in a form of a report including 1. Programming paradigms (Procedural, Object oriented and event driven) – their definition, detailed explanation including their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages etc. 2. An analysis of suitable IDEs for each of the paradigms 3. Also outline the relationship among the three programming paradigms. You could also include an analysis that compares and contrasts how event driven, procedural and object-orientated paradigms are used in a given application’s source code. You could also include a critical evaluation of the source code of an application in terms of the code structure and characteristics of the paradigm used. The application chosen needs to demonstrate elements of event driven, procedural and object orientated paradigms
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  5. Write the definition of an algorithm, along with a clear outline of the process of developing and building an application.
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  6. write a program that calculates the occupancy rate of a hotel. The program should start by asking the user how many floors the hotel has. a loop should then iterate once for each floor. In each iteration, the loop should ask the user the number of rooms on the floor and how many of them are occupied. After all the iterations, the program should display how many rooms the hotel has, how many of them are occupied, how many of them are unoccupied, and the percentage of rooms that are occupied. The percentage may be calculated by dividing the number of rooms occupied by the number of rooms. INPUT VALIDATION: do not accept a value less than 1 for the number of floors.
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Business management assignment help

Business management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling all business activities to achieve specific goals. The subject is very vast and deals with various disciplines or sub-subjects under it.

By availing of the services you make studying more fun and effective in terms of learning because you can refer to various documents to find the best solution to your questions and you can study from anywhere and at any time you find convenient.

Disciplines covered in desklib’s business management assignment Help

Business development

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Business development is the process and set of activities focused on building the business mainly in terms of sales and profit. It starts with the market analysis to know the needs and demands of your potential customers, then planning promotional activities to choose a suitable way to make people aware of your business, this may include advertising, giving out sponsorship, sending mails, etc.

The Last step is knowing the feedback from the clients and customers because feedback tells you the success or failure of your business development planning.


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Finance as a business activity or a management subject means the study and management of all the activities of a business that involve money and which affect the financial status of that business or an individual like loans, credit/debit cards, investments, etc. Finance is the study of the usage of the monetary resource and the way people, organizations or businesses can acquire finance for their use and development. It is concerned with the management, creation, and investment of money.

Leadership management

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Leadership management is the act of leading and moving forward with people. In the corporate world, leadership management is defined as the process where a leader guides and motivates the people towards achieving the organizational goals. A leader makes sure that the individual goals of the people are met and their focus is directed towards one common organizational goal. Leadership management is the process where the leader convinces, guides, and influences people to do something and manages their queries and issues.


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Entrepreneurship is the process of creating a business or business to generate profit and bringing innovations while being socially conscious. It brings a change in society by bringing services or products that are helpful to people in making their life easier. Entrepreneurship is a lot more than just being a business or job creator, is it also the way to bring big innovations and change in the world. Entrepreneurs create an idea and then execute it while others just keep their ideas in their heads. They are the ones who dare to take risks, bear losses, and enjoy the benefits of the business.

Professional development

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Professional development means training oneself to achieve a specific goal which is worked on through a process of skill-building activities. When the competition is so high there are so many options to choose from to come to a step forward from the crowd and for this, you need to upgrade your existing skills or knowledge and learn new ones. Professional development is the process that is focused on a specific goal and the learning activities and training are chosen according to that.


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Marketing is a group of activities done to promote a product and increase its sales where the needs of customers are identified, anticipated, and then worked on for customer satisfaction. Marketing experts need to have sharp convincing and conversational skills to attract and most importantly convince customers to buy your product. The types of business marketing include B2B and B2C where B2b means Business to Business marketing, another one is B2C which means business to customer marketing and the last one is C2C where consumers exchange goods amongst themselves.

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