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Choose Desklib’s computer science assignment help for your academics and open the doors to the new era’s smart learning system. Computer science is the subject wherein students get theoretical knowledge of the technology and its working and the practical experience of it.

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Computer science homework help

Computer science is the subject that studies computers and their programming which includes hardware, software, and the internet.

Computer science is the part of electrical engineering which studies the structure of a computer and all its binary functioning. The software part of computer science focuses on the functioning, algorithms, coding, programming languages, operating system.

Hardware is about the whole structure of the computer which includes monitor, CPU, keyboards, mouse while the internet focuses on the protocols, telecommunications, etc. 

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Computer science is the subject wherein students get theoretical knowledge of the technology and its working and the practical experience of it. It is often considered as foundational science because of which knowledge about everything else is gained and thus students need to choose the right coursework for themselves.

Theoretical computer science

Theoretical computer science is a combination of mathematical and computer science concepts.

Theoretical computer science studies concepts like algorithms, logic, automata theory, combinatorics, computational complexities etc.

The various subjects of theoretical computer science include distributed computation, algorithms, cryptography, algebra, computational number theory, data structures, quantum computation and machine learning.

There are many topics that come together to form computer science as a subject. For computing, theoretical and practical aspects are worked on together.

Data science and big data

Data science is the process to bring out information from the data. It includes data analysis, statistics, machine learning and methods. The subject is drawn from statistics and mathematics.

Data science is of two types, traditional data and big data where traditional data is in which the text or number valued data is stored in a form of a table that can be handled by an analyst from one computer.

Big data is bigger than the traditional data because it is spread across many computers and not just one. It includes all video, text, mobile data, volume, images, velocity, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Technological advancement has given human-like behavior and intelligence to the machines by making them work, think, make decisions, solve problems, and learn skills like humans.

When we hear artificial intelligence, robots are the first thing that comes in our minds but they are just part of overall artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a much wider and bigger concept and it is applied to almost all the sectors like psychology, healthcare, linguistics, computer science, and the financial industry.

Artificial intelligence has three main components, computational systems, data and data management, and advanced AI algorithms (code).


Bioinformatics is the branch of computer science that includes biology, statistics, mathematics, computer science, and information engineering to develop software tools to interpret and understand biological data.

Bioinformatics is very useful in today’s scenario to manage and handle biological data and medicines. It includes transfer, storage, pipeline, algorithm etc. of genome data and analyzes the genome sequencing data.

Bioinformatics includes activities like the organization of information which focuses on maintenance of the data and creation of information and analysis of the information where the methods are developed to find out the structure and functions of new protein or structural RNA sequences.

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