Question-   Stress Management at Workplace.


Answer -

We visited Habib Bank Ltd. We went there to see the level of Stress management at workplace. Are the employees overburdened, are they in stressed, is company providing them enough facilities to get rid of stress and which kind of facilities they are providing to their employees .The interview with a HBL banker investigated the impact of work stress on employee and how the overcome his stress and manage his productivity in a banking sector. In addition it identify certain factors which contribute to work stress among banking. We notice unbalanced wok life, demotivation, lo salary pay scale, unjustified distribution of work load, less incentives and bonuses caused stressed in a banker’s life.

They will manage all awkward situation at work some times and manages to remain quit and silent in front on bosses and control their stress to show better productivity.

Questions was the instrument used to elicit information from the respondent.



















  1. What is the most stressful situation you have faced at work so far? How did you handle it?


I am working in Internal Audit department of HBL and most of the time I am on consecutive audits. Recently, I was assigned on a review which based on two weeks however during first week it was communicated that I have to take up new audit next week and need to complete current audit within a week which is a stressful situation for me to complete two weeks work in a week only. So, I completed the priority tasks first while for remaining tasks I used joiner resource and used my extra hours for work which help me in completing the task in shorter time span.


  1. How do you prevent a situation from getting too stressful to manage?


I give more time to the situation to overcome the stress and move forward.



    I would recommend to give more time to complete the task within the stipulated deadline.


    1. What causes stress in workplace?


    Rigid timelines.


    1. What are some problem associated with the organization and its employees when it comes to stress and burn out?


    Some Problems associated with the organization and its employees when it comes to stress and burn out are as under,

    • Lower pay of employee however, higher expectation of organization for more works.
    • Lower grade of employee however, responsibilities of higher grade.
    • Nominal/ no salary increment and bonus at year end despite good performance of employee.
    • Culture of late sitting at organization.


    1. How would you respond if your manager gives you negative feedback in front of peers?


    I respond with smile and remain silent.


    1. Do employees feel more stress from their organization than from their job task?


    Yes, organizational culture would effect on employees more than their job task. 


    1. How stress is bad for the employees?


    Majorly stress demotivates an employee and further damages his/her next year appraisal due to poor performance based on demotivation.


    1. Does stress play positive role in workplace? How?


    Yes, sometimes stress arises due to more work than usual which help personnel to promote to next level.


    1. What are the triggers of stress?


    • Overburden
    • Headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Pains on different parts of the body
    • Anger





























    At Habib Bank Ltd we observed that there working environment is very stressful. The culture of their organization would effect and give more stressed to the employees than their job task. The organization give more workload but pay less to their employees as their expectations. The responsibilities of higher grade officer gives to low grade employees, also the organization do not give increments, bonuses and facilities at the end of the year despite the good performance of the employees so the employees demotivates, get stressed and lack their performances and damages their next year appraisal due to the demotivation’s. Due to stressed employees have to suffer from headaches, dizziness, body pain and sometimes get anger that`s why employees do not pay more attention to their task and lose their focus.

    But in some cases organization also give reliefs to their employees so they do not take stress while doing their task for example if the employee meet the deadline and does not complete their task so the organization sometimes give more time for completion. Sometimes stress play a positive role for the employees because when employees do more work than regular task their stress level might arises but they have chance to get promote. The manager also told that if he get negative feedback from upper management so he try to keep calm, remain silent and try to remove the negativity rather than reacting anger and acquire fear.


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