Question-   A Comparison Between Marvel and DC Comics


A Comparison Between Marvel and DC Comics

The introduction of comic books and graphic novels started in16th century in Japan, but their popularization in America happened in the 30s. From that point on the popularity of comic books has been growing in Europe and in the world. The two most well-known comic book companies are, of course, Marvel and DC. Although fans on both sides look at the other side sometimes with a war-like stance, it is important to look at the similarities in both of these universes for the fans to truly experience the joy of comic books and the heroes they talk about. The hypothesis for this research paper is: Rogerian Argument can be used when talking about Marvel and DC publishing companies. To write a comprehensive comparison on the subject, the author is using the Rogerian argument, since it allows for both worlds to come together. An insight in the history of both companies will be looked at as well as the relevant world problems both worlds look at and deal with. The author will use articles, video materials and, when possible, comic books for reference from Marvel and DC. In conclusion the author will talk about the hypothesis, which will either prove wrong or right, crystalizing the research conducted by the author. Marvel and DC Comics Marvel Comics or Marvel Worldwide Inc., was founded by Martin Goodman, who was born Moe Goodman. It began its life in 1939 with a name Timely Publications, before it became Marvel. He started by publishing Westerns back in the early 30s, but the new medium of comic books captured Goodman's attention and Marvel Comics was born with the first appearances of now so well-known action heroes, including the Human Torch. [1] DC Comics had a similar start. The founding father of this company was Malcolm WheelerNicholson from Tennessee. At first the company was called National Allied Publications[2] before becoming the company it is today. The company was renamed Detective Comics, Inc. after money troubles started, and purchased by another company, pushing Wheeler-Nicholson out. It is a division of Time Warner, and owns the rights to several popular comic book series. Marvel created the Avengers – Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Captain America, the Back Widow, Hawkeye and many more.[3]

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