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Journal 10

            Today’s class covered T. S. Eliot and his poem “Little Gidding” which is known to be one of his most significant work. It is a series of poem that has various themes. As we went over the first section, T. S. Eliot talks about seasons, time and various elements of nature like fire, water, and ice to represent his idea. He paints a picture in the mind of the reader with descriptive words of the landscape, which seems to be very cold but sunny and bright. Given a season of “Midwinter spring”, the author is describing the different ways to an Anglican monastery called Little Gidding, which was famous for its devotions. He refers to the time spent in there to be a “timeless moment”.

            This poem reflects much of the author’s era. As ideologies moved from the great chain of being where social structure was believed to be natural, to where there are different perceptions of time, TS Eliot connects what he believes to be temporal time to the eternal time. We see this in line 52: “the intersection of the timeless moment” which refers to the scene of people who are temporary beings, coming in the monastery to meet with God who is eternal, therefore creating an intersection of the two times. He uses various poetic tools which include paradox, two of which are found on the following line (53). These phrases form a great complement to the idea of a timeless moment which itself is paradoxical given that we live in a timely world.



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