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I visited Da Nang city at the right time when the government prepared for APEC 2017, that why every road from the city center to the guarded beach was more stringent. Just because it was believed that the US president would stay here so I could fully enjoy the tranquility, privacy and full sense of the sophistication of this ''most livable city in Vietnam''.


Da Nang is conveniently located in central Vietnam with close proximity to the mountains, and long stretches of beaches on either side of the city. The city itself is more than just a coastal city with beaches, it also is a colorful burst of energy between its fast modernization and charms of the old town.

Da Nang food is by no means as extensive as that of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City but it has its own central cuisine. You should try ''mi quang’’ or the Vietnamese pancake ''banh xeo''. It is often served with rice paper so you can make a fresh roll combined with herbs and a special sauce. Da Nang has many good seafood options and in the south beaches there are many Western food options in the An Thuong area. Besides, you will find endless seafood restaurants lining the beach.  Grilled oysters and seafood hotpot is also among some of my favorite foods to eat in Da Nang. Keep in mind that the seafood is seasonal, so prices will fluctuate depending on how readily available the seafood is.

The most memorable thing about the holiday were the breathtaking views and lovely picturesque villages. The weather was fantastic and the shops were full of local crafts. The best time to visit Da Nang is from February to May when the air is cool but there is little rain. The rainy season is from October to January and it makes it hard to experience all Da Nang has to offer. The months of May to August are also very hot, the ocean being the only way to cool off as the humidity strikes.

Da Nang is unique because although it is a big city, the airport makes for easy and quick travel between cities. You will find the typical close-together grid of streets on the west side, with tons of eating options, nightlife, and shopping. New buildings are completed every day so the options seem endless.

There are many activities you can do in this beautiful city such as exploring interesting places. You can rent a motorbike or tour to save costs and actively adjust the time, motorbike rental prices here are very cheap and people are very honest. To exploring the steep and scenic military roads that were left over from the war, you should visit Son Tra peninsula. Or go to Ba Na hills, this mountain wonderland of amusement parks, incredible views, cable cars, and European villages is 35 kilometers to the southeast of Da Nang. Especially, I like making a day trip or weekend trip to Hoi An, it is a old town that the French architectural influence permeates Vietnam. This old town is filled with shops, crumbling yellow buildings, intricate temples, and vibrant lanterns. Unlike Da Nang, you can purchase a drink and take advantage of the shade and a nice chair all day with a reasonable price. Next to Hoi An, An Bang beach is my favorite, and it has many nice seafood restaurants. If you continue walking along the beach, farther away from the main road that services the beach, Hai Bai Trung, the seafood prices become cheaper.

In general, Da Nang is a wonderful city itself with all its color, liveliness, and friendly city-goers but it is also a central launching point for adventures you can find nowhere else in the world.

Da Nang is the main arrival point for most visitors exploring the vast stretch of country between Hanoi and Saigon, so it’s the perfect place to spend a couple of days when you arrive in Vietnam. And if you want to have a great trip and save money, the time to travel to Da Nang is suitable from the second half of August to the end of September. This is the time after the high season so the weather is still beautiful and the fare the plane and room were lowered.

Da Nang has many great hotels and villas for you to choose such as: Intercontinental Da Nang, Muong Thanh Luxury or maybe reasonable price homestay. These place located right on the beach and only a few kilometers from the city Centre, this hotel has room-service, daily housekeeping, safes in the rooms, TVs and just about everything else you could need to kick back and relax in the city, without breaking the bank. I also felt that it was a good choice to have stayed away from the city center because I could already hear motorcycles driving past in the morning when I'm asleep. You could not imagine the noise level in the city center.

Famous dishes are 'banh xeo', 'mi quang', 'bun bo Hue', they are so delicious and can make you feeling hungry and want to try these famous Vietnamese cuisine. I know having street food in Asian countries is quite a bet im taking but the 'banh xeo' was really very yummy and you could find the best 'banh xeo' in a small alley on Hoang Dieu Street.

Besides, there are a lot of famous tourist destinations in Da Nang that you can explore experiences, visit and take photos. The famous places to go are Ba Na Hills, Hoi An Ancient Town, Son Tra Peninsula but my favorite place is Hai Van Pass, it made famous in an episode of the TV show, Top Gear, the Hai Van Pass has now become a bucket list item for thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts or amateurs and adventurers looking for alternative things to do in Da Nang. This 21km mountain pass between Da Nang and Hue offers some of the most incredible ocean views in all of Vietnam. Also Hoi An was probably the favorite part of my trip despite it being a tourist town. The colorful old town bustling with life in every alley and corner was really what I felt was the most attractive. I kind of felt like I was in a movie set, and the fact that us tourists could walk the streets without being touted for business was a major plus to me.

The cost of a 3-day and 4-night trip in Da Nang is 5 million VND, quite cheap. Overall, Da Nang is a safe and clean city, no stealing and no beggar on the street. You will fall in love with local people in this place, they are so friendly and always happy, sociable and also really hospitable.

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