Question-   Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Assignment


Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Assignment

1) If you want to appoint better-qualified HR specialists, justify the added value
they will provide.
1. if I would like to appoint better qualified HR specialists then I would be Searching for the
following capabilities
a. I will change the origination environment and check what is the staff problems
and try to solve them and have a professional deal with them.
b. I will plan for motivation, retention, and career path for the employees.
c. I will organize training for the stuff each on his domain to upgrade the knowledge
of each one and use the technology.
d. I will be looking for team building to increase the friendly culture inside the
organization, and I try to minimize the politics of the sneaky people and try to
increase the woman ratio in the company
2. What selection tests will you use to appoint HR specialists? Explain precisely
which test you will use to test which criteria within the personality, interests, or
Job skills areas.
a. Check the ability to perform tasks, Problem solving, …. etc.
b. I will have discussion to check the communication skills and the level of the
language over the company and the employees.
c. I will check the candidate skill by giving different tests IQ or case studies and
questions related to personalities and capabilities of team management and
computer knowledge.
d. I will test the personal details of the candidates and their background and their
behavior, soft skills and general awareness about the market and economic
3. How would you go about checking the references of the candidates as HR
specialists? Explain the background Investigations you would also make.
a. I will involve the senior leaders, technical team who can provide a good
b. I will check and contact the references in the candidate CV and check if there is a
referral or not.
c. I will have a certain question into details to know if the candidate is honest or
4. What types of training and development opportunities could be offered
to employees at Thames Building Society? How would you evaluate the
success of these training programs?
a. I will build up a training center and assign a training and development manager
to handle all the training functions.
b. I will start investigation the needed training by job and start putting each
employee a training plan as per the budget.
c. The training will include team building, mind games, class training, …. etc.
d. Train the employees on what is the job description and function for all the tasks
in the organization to eliminate the misunderstanding between the different
5. What improvements would you make to Thames Building Society’s new
performance management system? What five tips would you give managers to
help them deliver an effective performance review meeting?
a. To achieve a goal by coordinating and supporting each other while working on
the same.
b. Plan, review then execute strategy.
c. Take both positive and negative feedbacks from the entire staff and evaluate
the mistakes.
d. Need to understand people, motivate them, identify the problems, and take
action plan on solving it.
e. Appreciate the performance of the staff by rewards and recognition.
6. Explain HR practices that help to attract, develop and retain the human
assets at Thames Building Society.
a. Training and Development.
b. Performance appraisal.
c. Provide safe and secure working environment.
d. Job rotations
e. Arrange different activ

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