Question-   Assignment on Orientalism


In this presentation I will outline term orientalism, its origin, and the location where it is used.

I will describe the positive and negative impacts it has over the population and I will describe the 'the voice' of the culture facing this significant threat and bad recognition regarding this belief. Moreover, I will show how the tourism industry’s role is very important and interconnected to the future projections for the next years, and how these stereotypes will be diminished and the economy and income of the population in the Orient will increase significantly.

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In this slide I will describe orientalism. The word orientalism was developed only in 1978 when Edward Said published his first book on the same subject, discussing Eastern cultural perception, and studying its manifestations in politics and culture. Orientalism is derived from the word Orient, which was defining the East, as opposed to the Occident, which describes the West.

The Orient, in accordance with this term, is seen as the “Other,” deviant from civilised society standards, where many gods were routinely worshipped. This ideology and belief are not used by all people, however there are both pervasive symbols and meanings in the Western world and are direct and indirect products of orientalism, that build stereotypes, racial discrimination, and mistrust in the Orient. This world-wide belief is racist as it considers the East inferior or opposite to the West in all things and it should not be considered as a mindset for the future.

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In this slide I will show some examples of orientalism that are positive and negative. In art history, literature and cultural studies, Orientalism is the imitation or depiction of aspects in the Eastern world.

The Moresque style of Renaissance ornament started in the late 15th century as a European adaptation of the Islamic arabesque.

The word-wide stereotypes on the orientalism and the popularity of the location.

Job discrimination or racism because of belief that people coming from the orient are of lower capabilities, which is not true.

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The Positive Impacts of Orientalism will be described in this slide. As Orientalists are focused on the study of ancient traditions and customs and artistic representation of the Orient in Western world there are many positive impacts that were received in a cultural method (Thomas, 2014)

Orientalism covers both ethnic research and the study and imitation of the Eastern Arts. Art as the Moresque style that was adapted by the European culture of the Islamic arabesque.

Critical studies that were brought from the Orient and studied by the Western population. Traditions of the Orient can be understood easier this way, for example, the book “Arabian Nights” helps to explore the significance of complex relationships between men and women in literature and historical culture.

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There are however some negative impacts of the belief in orientalism. The negative consequences included famines, massacres, and outright totalitarianism for fun and benefit, as well as refusing to admit India into the Commonwealth out of fear that the inferior Asiatic people would outnumber the rest of it combined.

The Orient lacked the proper economic and religious development present in the Western countries and was badly discriminated and negatively impacted politically, as many people felt and feel superior to them. It is a false superior perception of the East

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Eastern people have a negative opinion about this issue as it is not right and it is a misinterpretation of their culture, traditions and religion, and all people are different therefore we should accept the differences of everyone.

European culture gained in strength and identity by setting itself of against the Orient as a sort of surrogate and even underground self, defining Orientalism as a Western style for dominating, restructuring, and having authority over the Orient (Sardar, 1999).

Every culture’s interpretation of culture and intellect, as well as politics and value of life can bring out criticism and bad impressions, leading to discrimination

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The tourism industry has a very important involvement in the development of the Middle East as it increases the economy and helps local businesses exit the poverty. More and more tourism, choose to travel to the Orient or the Middle East as the hospitality and tourism industry has expanded in those area in the recent years.

The role of tourism industry brings out good relationship between the origin and destination countries as it facilitates traveling, migration and it increases the local economy.

Tourism in these areas facilitated inter-relationships between people, increased political trust and opened the horizons for many more businesses that can take advantage of the new opening in the market.

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This issue of orientalism will decrease in the future because of the more united relationships between the countries and the role of tourism in this amiable relationship.

As Human Rights activists have pushed this topic, it should become a belief of the past, and we should all believe in equity in our rights and no superiority beliefs. The Orient will expand in their tourism sector, with many 5-star hotels, tourist attractions, such as tropical forests and pyramids, interesting cultures, and traditions, they will be searched by many tourists. This will increase their economy and bring much more potential for business creation or relocation.

On the last slide I have the references! Thank you for your time! I hope you have enjoyed the presentation!

Q and A

What is your opinion on orientalism?

I believe that it is a belief started with a bad connotation of superiority and that it should be banished from today’s society, as no body should feel superior over a group of people. Therefore, there should be wide-world statement from the Human rights activists and many online petition to abolish this term and perception. However, the tourism industry will have a very good impact on the area, because this belief has made the area known to the whole world and image tourism will attract more foreign tourists to visit the area.

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