Question-   Assignment on Strategic Planning


A plan for my life


    Each people have their own life goals and find the way and try their best to pursue those achievements. It is not easy to set life goals that suitable with what we want and the ability we have. It is important to set the life goals that are achievable and prepare a specific plan to follow and then obtain the targets. I myself also have my own life goal for job, family and future education. Setting the plan is also important thing that I have done and try to be stick with that to get satisfying results in the future

    II. Discussion

    1. Goal
    2. Job Goal

    I set my job goal early since I was the first year student in university. For the first period of time in the university, I always think that my only future job is working at an accounting department in a company. However, entering the accounting club in university is the time that has changed my mind about the tasks an accounting student can do. The clubs members share their academic knowledge, practice exercise together and provide information, as well as experience when they going on work. That the time I know about Big4 companies, comprising four best auditing firm: KPMG, Deloitte, E&Y and PWC (Statista, 2019). Since then,  my goal after graduate is being an internship at Big4 auditing firms (Deloitte preferred) and then be accepted as an official employee in the audit department of the company. To think further, I will work in that company for a period of four to five years, which is the time enough for me to have experience, improve my knowledge and skills. For the next 10 years, the following part in my career path will be spent in the job as an account for a foreign private firm.

      1. Family goal

    My goal for the future family is quite simple. As being raised in a respectable family, where my parents always try to bring the best things to the children and sacrifice themselves to bring the best things to us, I also hope to have a happy family in the next 7 years as the current one I have. It is worth for me to have a happy family with my husband and children, provide the best living standard and condition for my children’s future development.

      1. Further education

    For the next six months, I am going to get the IETLS certificate as a proof for my English ability and provide me a advantages when applying for the future job. Moreover, until the end of this year, I will finish my Korean learning at primary level and I hope to continue to learn to get the topic certificate in the next year. For the next three years, I have intention to learn and finish the ACCA certificate, which can be an advantage to me in my career path of an accountant.

    1. Steps

    In order to achieve these goals above, it is important for me to strictly follow the steps in the strategic planning process. For the first step – clarifying the mission and vision, it is the part of setting goal; I have given clear short-term and long-term goal for each of the aspect.  In the next step - getting prepared, it is important for me to gather information needed for my goals such as the center to learn Korean, the fee for IETLS certificate, the criteria that Big4 companies looking at their applicants. Moreover, an SWOT analysis is beneficial for me to understand my strength, weakness, opportunities and threats when I pursue my achievement. Therefore, I can formulate a strategic plan and measure the effectiveness of the plan in each step. It is also important to implement the plan during the working process in order to adjust and improve the quality of the plan. Last but not least, it is required to have constant monitor for the performance by checking weekly and monthly the activities and achievement that I gain, define whether it is needed to improve or change the plan in any parts. It is very important because a late adjustment can prevent us from achieving the goals.

    1. Conclusion

    In short, I have defined my life goals containing specific one for job, family and further education. In order to receive the favorable result, it is important to follow the steps in the strategic plan and try the best during the application process.

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