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Your company, with a factory in Negros, produces and sells alcohol in the international market. Negros produces alcohol from sugarcane made by independent local distilleries. Sugarcane harvesting provides a valuable source of income for many poor families. In Negros, like everywhere else, most people are against child labor. But they allow children 15 – years old and below to work in the sugarcane fields.

            At the same time, the level of poverty in some areas of the country makes the problem very complex, and the solution is not immediate, nor easy. Your company operates some 200 alcohol retail stores and as distributor, it buys alcohol from distributors from distilleries. Your company itself does not employ children, but the distilleries use children in the sugar cane harvesting. Although the local law is not stringent about the use of child labor, you feel that it is absolutely unacceptable, and the supplier is forbidden to adopt such practice.





  1. Will you eliminate all works undertaken by children, thus take away their income? The spin-off gamble with such a move of simply removing children from income generation may lead them to become involved in more hazardous work than before.
  2. Will you choose instead to change the nature of the work in consultation with a local community based organization?
  3. How will you go about it?



Eliminating all works undertaken by children is not an answer, thus taking their income is a bit too much. The best option is remove them in working place where it is too hard for them to handle. The work place is not bad for them, it is just they are too young to be working but doesn’t have the chance to choose because of their situations. Children like this are always getting used in a risky job or worst, illegal.

I chose to change the nature of work, consulting the local distilleries about this. Informing them about child labor about putting them in a light work place where they can still earn. The danger they will be facing is something bad happen to the underage workers, but not informing them to remove them in work place instead guide them.

All people obviously know that child labor will never be stopped because of poverty, many abuses this kids in exchange for small money. As I said, the work place is not illegal for the kids who grow in a poor family, that’s why I want to support and guide them in order to prevent such dangerous things. Setting up a rules to; it is for their safety and prevent them from getting overwork. Informing the local distilleries to stop their underage workers in given time; giving them at least small bonuses on their salary and reminding them to go home early so that they will be ready for tomorrow. Kids this day’s needs guidance, throwing them away because they are underage is not right why not remind them and guide them, it will be more better.

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