Question-   CSP2132 Enterprise Data Assessment


Design Task - Information storage and management


Executive Summary.

Storage Requirements.

File Server and disks.

Web Server FTP.



Virtualisation Requirements.

Application and Web Servers.


Allocated Storage.

Conclusion. 10


Executive Summary

For the assignment given, the storage solution has been done along with virtualization work. This solution is implemented using Windows server 2019 with VMware Esxi. Firstly, the storage part was configured based on the requirements, and then following the storage, the virtualisation solution has been done. First part i.e. storage configuration shows the process of performing requirements given. Then the second part i.e. virtualizations shows the process of performing requirements given under the virtualization category.  





Storage Requirements

  1. File Server and disks

The initial stage starts from the installation of Windows server 2019 in VMWare. The following screenshot elucidates the installation of Windows server on VMWare. I have used Windows server 2019 standard version for the implementation part.

Screenshot 1 OS installation

Once, the installation is done, I logged in, then started to add the features under the add roles, and features menu, which can be found the following screenshot.

Screenshot 2 Enabling Files, and Storage services

Screenshot 3 Confirming the installation

  1. Web Server FTP

Screenshot 4 Enabling web server


Screenshot 5 Enabling FTP service

Above given screenshots shows the activation of FTP, and web services in Windows server.

  1. Redundancy

The following screenshots shows the creation of storage pool. Due to my system hardware issues I have configured the pool only for 253 GB.

Screenshot 6 POOL Creation

Screenshot 7 POOL created successfully

Screenshot 8 POOL overview

Once, the storage pool has been done, then the virtual hard disk has been created. The following screenshots shows the creation of virtual hard disk from the storage pool.

Screenshot 9  Selecting the POOL to create virtual hard disk

Screenshot 10 Selecting the storage layout type as Thin

Screenshot 11 Hard Disk Created Successfully

Screenshot 12 Final result

  1. SAN LUNs




Virtualisation Requirements


  1. Hypervisor Server

Screenshot 13 ESxi installation

Once the storage configuration is done, I have installed VMWare ESxi over the VM. Above screenshot shows the homepage of the VMWare ESxi.

  1. Application and Web Servers

Screenshot 14  Installing application server

Screenshot 15  Finishing the installation

Using the same method I have installed the second application server also. The following screenshot shows the running of two application servers at same time.

Screenshot 16 running two application servers at same time


  1. Hypervisor Datastore


Screenshot 17 iSCI interface configurations


Screenshot 18  iSCI interface configuration cont..

  1. Allocated Storage

Screenshot 19  Allocated storage

Due to my insufficient hardware and system configuration the allocated space is configured less than the size mentioned in the requirements.


During the implementation for this assignment I have encountered several technical issues since my system hardware is not enough for the implementation. Due to that I was not able to deliver the high efficient solution.>

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