Question-   (Doc) Nursing Profession: A Review



After studying and working as a nurse, I am more dedicated to help and care sick people. So my area of interest is in intensive care unit. In nursing profession, Compassionate care is in high priority. Compassion is about intelligent treatment which demonstrates empathy, kindness, faith, integrity and dignity but it also focus on how the patients feels about the treatment she/he receives. Compassionate nursing care is  a  crucial  factor   of  delivering  excellent  health  services to patients and  it  could be  the  greatest  and   most  important  contribution  that  a  nurse can provide to patients in health care systems. That's  why  nurses have  always  sought  and been involved in fulfilling the patient's needs by displaying altruism and despite all limitations and obstacles (Papadopoulos, Shea, Taylor,Pezzella,  & Foley 2016). According to the reasearch done by Dalvandi, Vaisi-Raygani,  Nourozi, Ebadi, & Rahgozar (2019) illustrates that providing supportive nursing care will lead to greater satisfaction for Answer- patients, safe care, time and expenses savings, a sense of productivity and staff performance, improved trust and coping skills. The study done by Henderson and Jones (2017) said that understanding the wishes and desires of concerned patient is crucial in delivering compassionate treatment. On the contrary, it has been demonastrated that certain causes such as lack of collaboration between the medical staff, lack of commitment among nurses, lack of holistic approach and lack of service organisation may be obstacles to holistic treatment (Babaei & Taleghani 2019). The literature review has shown that the nurses don't know their patients and their desires. In most cases, patient expectations are not adequately investigated and achieved (Henderson & Jones2017). About 40% of studies have recognised challenges to compassionate care, particularly in the fields of medical care, preparation and education. The literature suggested that  educational barriers, cultural barrier ,practical barriers, communication barriers etc are the main challenges that affects healthcare professionals ability to provide compassionate care. Among them communication was described as a crucial medium for the delivery of caring in clinical treatment (Sinclair, Norris, McConnell, Chochinov,  Hack, Hagen, McClement, & Bouchal 2016)

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