Question-   Effect of Supply Chain Management Practices on Finance



Purpose: This dissertation considered three practices of SCM such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Strategic Supplier Partnership (SSP), and Level of Information Sharing (LOIF), to analyse their impact on the competitive advantage of Pakistan’s textile industry.

Methodology and Design:The questionnaire survey methodology was adopted to collect the data from the line managers and senior managers of different textile companies in Karachi city. The quantitative data was collected from questionnaire, whereas IBM SPSS v22 was used to analyse the collected data of questionnaire. The regression and correlation analysis is used to identify the impact of SCM practices on the competitive advantage of Pakistan’s textile industry.

Findings: The data analysis confirmed that both CRM and SSP have positive impact on the competitive advantage of Pakistan’s textile industry. There was no evidence found with the questionnaire which can justify any relationship between LOIF and competitive advantage of Pakistan’s textile industry. But, overall it can be concluded that majority of SCM practices are highly essential and important to improve the competitive advantage of textile companies in Pakistan.

Limitations: There were many limitations involved with this dissertation such as financial barriers, shortage of time, and geographic specification.

Recommendations: The managers of textile companies are highly recommended to digitalise and computerise their supply chain operations. They are required to consider lean strategies to address their strategic supplier partnership, whereas they need to adopt a robust system to improve the communication with their suppliers and partners.

Keywords: Competitive advantage (CA), Supply chain management (SCM), Strategic supplier partnership (SSP), Level of information sharing (LOIF), Customer relationship management (CRM)

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