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Today I’m going to present the mindset of an entrepreneur, the mindset of the 1% of human population that stand out. The mindsets of a group of people who belive in themselves and turn out to be great men of the history. The mindset of the people wo do not care about money, They chase their dreams.

This presentation will lead you to the actual big picture of an entrepreneur mindset. A an entrepreneur is basically the mindset, the set of rules a person has made for his life and implements over it makes him an entrepreneur.  strategy is essential however, as is proven every day—what truly matters is developing the mindset that will help you turn your business into million-dollar (or billion-dollar!!) enterprise. Focus on your mindset first, and train your psychology to create and seize opportunities, to manage risk, and to persevere no matter what, and your entrepreneurial success is guaranteed.

It takes a whole life spent in hard work and struggle to make up an entrepreneur. In today’s date we have made up our minds that greatness of an entrepreneur is measured by his turnover. But actually it’s the struggle, the vision, the focus, those big dreams that stand out. It’s not the money, It’s the value he has built up during the course of years. It’s not the money that attracts an entrepreneur it’s the value of entrepreneur that attracts oney. It’s the value he has put into hard work and resilience over the years.

The great entrepreneurs who have stand out up till now had that 80% of mindset which is required to be among the top 1% of this world. They had the craze to reach up their destination. They had the set of skills and thoughts which made them stand out . They had the motivation to keep going until they reach their heights. They had the courage to climb up the first step to  their success, which is the mindset and the vision.

This is what you need to understand. This is the reality of an entrepreneurial mindset. This is the big picture in pretty simple words to make you understand the struggle and the reward. For all those great entrepreneurs out there, we are just seeing the turnover their companies are making. We have not seen and we never will be able to see the sacrifice, patience, failure, persistence, hard work, good habits, dedication and all those nights they didn’t slept, all those hours they didn’t care about their health or refreshment, all those luxuries and ease they quit to live up to their dream to make their dreams a reality.

It was  the focus they had in common, the belief in themselves and their visions and the attitude they acquired to reach their goals was a common one. Successful entrepreneurs focus on three things. First, they look for opportunities where others see only obstacles. Second, successful entrepreneurs focus with laser-like precision on the goal they wish to accomplish, not letting the negative advice of others deter them. Third, they manage risk and overcome fear by controlling their focus. Almost every study of the entrepreneurial mindset declares that the ability to manage risk is a key to success.

Successful entrepreneurs believe in their ability to succeed. They believe in themselves, in their businesses, and in their products or services. Most of all, they understand the power of beliefs to determine what they will or will not do, what they will or will not notice, and the actions they will or will not take.

Entrepreneurship requires specific emotional and mental traits that can be grouped under the term attitudes. The attitudes people bring to work will determine whether they are suited for entrepreneurship or not. According to research the specific attitudes that the most successful

This is what a mindset can do. Amazon started from a room, a table and a chair. And today it is more than a trillion dollar market. How? Jeff bezos started as an online book store but he had the vision to expand an online market platform all over the world. He succeeded due to his dedication and the mindset he had. Microsoft by bill gates was a dedication to his craze for computing and programming. He brought a technology revolution throughout the world. Elon musk has thrived to be one of the best entrepreneur of the history. He is determined to change the world through his new and complying ideas which he accomplishes through dedication and hard work. He has said in an interview that he used to work 22 hours a day. No doubt every successful entrepreneur out there has sacrificed his day and night, his sleep and relaxation for the sake of building the umpire he’ve been dreaming.

entrepreneurs share include courage, persistence, adaptability, curiosity, collaboration, future focus, self-fulfilment, the desire to learn, and the willingness to take action.

An entrepreneur is a overall a different person. He is complete in himself. All the entrepreneurs up till now were creative to think of ideas, critical to look up from the problem, problem solver to provide the solution, distinctive to be competitive enough to thrive in the market. They follow their own passion. They work for what they love which allows them to work tirelessly day and night. They live for their dreams.

There is a clear cut distinction between a poor and a rich mindset. entrepreneurs have a rich mindset. They never work for money. They earn the value which creates money. They work to build up their value and convert this value into assets. These assets are then again invested to make more money. A true entrepreneur never spends on luxuries =. He spends on increasing the assets rather than increasing liabilities.

Don’t worry if you are facing hard times. Don’t be dishearten by the conditions you are going through. Because all these successful men were once like you. They were alone, they were broke but they were focused. They believed in themselves. They worked for their value. The created their worth. They strategized their journey with a dedication. They solved the problems and became the solutions.




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