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Individual Product Decisions: Head & Shoulders Head & Shoulders is one of the oldest shampoo companies boasting one of the oldest dandruff shampoos, and has remained a leader in hair care since the company’s inception. Individual Product Decisions of Head & Shoulders includes the following: 1-Head & Shoulder’s Product Attributes a-Quality: The quality level of the head &shoulder is very good because they are very well formulated and have helped people with dandruff stay flake-free for many years. And now with new Fresh Scent Technology is a breakthrough anti-dandruff shampoo that provides scalp relief and beautiful, flake-free* hair along with a great scent, especially in the shower. As a leader in the antidandruff category for over 50 years, Head & Shoulders has developed an innovative approach to enhance the shower experience: combining proprietary scalp technology and proven hair benefits with a water-activated fragrance boost. After reading many review about Head & Shoulders, I found out that people love using this shampoo for daily use and they see it as High Quality Anti- Dandruff Shampoo for long-lasting protection with extra moisturizers for smooth and silky hair. Head & Shoulders has a superior functioning product, it mainly focuses on solving dandruff problem in a high quality. It has a special ingredient- Zinc carbonate. Head & Shoulders is the only dandruff shampoo that contains zinc carbonate and helps keep the dandruff-fighting ingredient in its most effective form (, 2019)Thus, Head & Shoulders has rather strong competitiveness in the market b-Features  It is available in different flavors  Cleanliness & remove dandruff  Coolness & freshness  Affordable prices  Good fragrance as a medicated shampoo  Gives you soft & beautiful hair 1 c-Product Design Simple | practical | realistic Design uses “relevant shape trends, that leverage the brand’s graphic shape equities providing robust, future ready, brand recognition with ‘no trade off’ through integrated graphic and shape equity with SMOT signaled through FMOT” Head & shoulders bottle is unique, challenging to manufacture and has created a powerful new visual equity for the head & shoulders brand. Its visual language of pure ellipse and linear juxtaposed to represent duality are established here for the future Colour Blues & neutral colours, black, grey, silver Shape Consistency of position of silver arcs and variant shape across all ‘clean’ variants. Clean shapes, hard edges Imagery Imagery within shape to be non-literal representation of “clean”. no bubbles, spl Graphics 360° The new graphics create a motivating 360° graphic link between shampoo and conditioner pairs. This is achieved by the careful interplay between the ellipses on both bottle and tottle. The end result is a differentiated, but linked, pair. Head & Shoulders has a 360° approach to dandruff to give you “the liberating feeling of dandruff free beautiful hair” • Where shampoo and conditioner appear together they form a 360° graphic whole • this is achieved by the careful off setting of ovals • The shape and angle of these ovals should be kept as close to the original design as possible. however where the graphics are applied to formats the ovals can be redrawn, following the same principle of off-setting of ovals. • Any redrawing of oval proportions will require re-illustration of the variant communication. 2 2-Branding a-Brand Name: The brand name “Head & Shoulders” for the target customer is good because the target customer of this product is the young generation and according to this targeting the brand name is very well. b-Positioning H&S is positioned as anti-dandruff product which clear flakes with one wash. As the market leader it has successfully acquired the niche market of anti-dandruff segment. The effective distribution channel and deep penetration in the rural market has boosted up the sales making it a leader. The brand had carried its heritage as worlds largest selling anti-dandruff shampoo and also maintained a good share of voice. The brand used the Markonym ZPT ( Zinc Pyrithine)Formula which has anti-fungal properties as its differentiator. Positioning Statement For people who suffer from dandruff, Head & Shoulders is for hair concious people providing antidandruff, anti damage and conditioner. Their mission to free the world from dandruff. c-Product Development First of all there are two persons named as proctor and gamble start this company and started making the products. These products include so many things and one of their product is the head &shoulder and then make the patents of their formula of the products and then get the license of the product then launch the original product which need the so much improvement then improved its quality and when customer come towards this product then make the more brands of this product that customer satisfied and attract towards the head&shoulder. New product development: This include the eight steps which are as follows Idea generation: Head&shoulder is used for anti dandruff then the company think that there is the need of the other flavor of the shampoo which is the new idea generation. Idea screening: They have the different ideas that they start the flavor as menthol,anti dandruff with silky black and for long hair. Then from these ideas the company selects the best idea which is the menthol 3-Packaging: The packaging of the head &shoulder is in the big and small bottle and also it is available in the small sachet that should save it from the germs and other environmental factors and also it used to attract the customers. It is available in different colors. 3 The shape equities need to be flexible. The purity and simplicity of our shape equities allows this to be done across a wide range of sizes and formats without loss of overall shape equity and therefore brand recognition. 4- Labeling & Design 1. Logotype& icon 2. Arc Shape 3. Graphics 360° 4. Brand blocking 5. ingredients 4 5-Product support services: These are the extra features of the product and the extra feature of the head &shoulder is its free delivery to the market and also the other feature of the product is its expiry that its expire then company change it .The service profit chain: The things which are coming under this phase are as follows Healthy service profit and growth: Head &shoulder provide the best services to its customers that it increases the profit of the company and also help out in growth of the company. Satisfy and loyal customer :Due to the high quality of the product the company satisfies itscustomer and due to the satisfaction of the customer they can not switch to the other company. Greater service value: The company provides the greater services as compare to its competitor who helps the company to increase its customer and make the existing customer more loyal with the company. Downward Line Stretch P&G entered the high end detergent market with premium priced product, Ariel, compared to Surf brand existing in the market. As the sales were very low for Ariel due to its high price, P&G decided to stretch down with new products penetrating the lower segment, like Ariel green alternate, Ariel super soaker. Product Mix Decisions Procter & Gamble deals in goods whose product range is closely related. The main objective of the company is to make the products accessible to every consumer in the world. For this, they have maintained a quality level of the products and kept the prices reasonable. The company produces a wide range of innovative products related to the following brandsWidth: P&G has 10 lines. Length: P&G typically carries many brands within each line It sells eight laundry detergents, six hand soaps , six shampoos, & four dish washing detergents. 5 Average length= Total length/no. of lines=28/10=2.8 Depth: P&G Crest tooth paste comes in three sizes and two formulations (past ,gel) Depth=2*3=6 Consistency: P&G product lines are consistent insofar as they are consumer products that go through the same distribution channels. The lines are less consistent insofar they provide different functions for buyers. Therefore, the consistency is high since it operates in FMCG segment.

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