Question-   Explanation The Era of open innovation – Limitations



A limitation noticed in the Era of open innovation will be in funding, they state there are two types of organisations that supply fuel for the innovation fire – which are made up of VCs, angel investors and small business investment companies. However this is untrue as in recent years many more channels have become open for funding of start-ups such as friends and family, government schemes for exceptional start-ups that add to the economy of the country, debit financing, bank loans – these channels are frequently used as much as the examples provided by the journal and as such should be given the same recognition for the value they provide.



Three types of Social Structure Theories:


Social Disorganization Theory.

Social Disorganization Theory was popularized by Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay. According to this theory, crimes in urban areas are more prevalent because residents have impersonal relationships with each other. Increase in the number of broken families and single parenthood are also very common in disorganized communities. Another feature of disorganized community is poverty as evidenced by poor living conditions such as rundown houses, unsanitary and unsightly streets and high employment rates.

Strain Theory.

Strain refers the individual's frustration, anger and resentment. It holds that crime is a function of the conflict between the goals people have and the means they can use to legally obtain them. This also argues that the ability to obtain these goals is class dependent; members of the lower class are unable to achieve these goals which come easily to those belonging to the upper class. Co

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