Question-   Factors Affecting Stock Market


EQUITY RESEARCH (Sumedha Tuteja ma’am)

14th September

How external factors affect stock market, internal factors, SWOT analysis of the company etc.

21st September

We arrive at the intrinsic value i.e. the ideal value of the share.

Various methods to find intrinsic value:

  1. Forecasting cash flows, costs etc.
  2. Estimate value of asset/ compare to other peers/ ratio analysis (happens when there is need for breaking of growing concern assumption).

Using these approaches, we arrive at a value estimate.

Ve = estimated value of share (what the analyst forecasts the price to be)

P = current market price (what the price is)

V = actual price of share (what the price should be)

(Ve – V) = the error the analyst is making

Ppt - Van home and Wachowicz, Fundamentals of Financial Management, 13th edition Pearson 2009 by Gregory Kuhlemeyer.

Top-down approach is the EIC approach.

Economic – relating to the company

Industry – sector specific factors; how the overall sector is behaving

28th September

Investment MOAT

EIC approach and CIE approach

EIC – identifying sectors and then identify profitable companies (top-down approach)

CIE – using a screener (filter) select a company and find the critical success factors (CSF) and the risk factors for the company to do well. After this, scan the EIC.

Market price > Value assumed à sell

Market price < Value assumed à Buy

Earnings call

Investor presentation and annual reports – EIC


2nd October

Video(3) downloaded… check EIC ppt etc.

5th October

Go to website of your company chosen. Go to investor section and download annual reports (5 years from FY-ending 2016 to 2020)

Data from 18-19 will be present in annual report of 19-20 so download alternate years to get all data.

6th October

8th October

12th November – ticker plus

1st December

Quiz and test – Quiz 2nd class after next class. Test on next class after 9th Dec

Equity asset valuation book (CFA)

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4




Equity risk premium = Rm - Rf

Can you see Gordon’s growth model in the Harvard case study (Disney) ?



Or GDP growth rate




Dividend payout ratio = dividend per share (DPS) / earning per share (EPS)

Retention ratio (b) = 1 – Dividend payout ratio


2nd December


3rd December

4th December

8th December

9th December


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