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Front office department

Front office department is one of the most important and visible department of every hospitality Industry. Because of this department is directly responsible for making direct contract with guests. The main function of front office department is Reservation, Guest service, Check-in, Check-out, Room assignment etc. This department’s staff directly contract with guests so this department is fully responsible for improving customer satisfaction (Front Office Department Introduction, Operations and Key Functions, 2020).

The front office department is also known as a nerve center of every Hospitality Industries and defines as the housing department, located at foyer and lobby area. This is the most and first department that guests interact when guest, visitor enters to the Hotel. So, this department is called visible department of Hospitality industries. Basically, this department is responsible for selling guest rooms and handling problem of Guests. This department directly interacts with guests so this department plays a vital role for generating more revenue and customer satisfaction. If the guests found any problem or comment they should go directly to the front office department. This is because front office department is convenient to contact and converse with other departments (Front Office Department Introduction, Operations and Key Functions, 2020). There are various function of front office department. The following are the same function of front office department within Hospitality industries.

  • Reserving the guests room as per the request
  • Receiving guests and help them to fulfill the registration form
  • Handle Guests complain and act accordingly.
  • Prepare Guests arrival and departure list(Duties & Responsibilities of Front Office Staff)
  • Handling and controlling guests room keys.
  •  Co-ordinates with other department for increasing customer satisfaction and providing goodwill service,
  • Co-ordinates with sales and marketing department for increasing guest room sell.
  • Managing team of all staffs for achieving business goal of the Hotel
  • Forecasting of room occupancy and arranging before generate problem.
  • Schedules the task of front office employees
  • Evaluate the job performance of the front office staff and fills their appraisals etc.


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