Question-   Gathering Primary and Secondary Data


Gathering Primary and Secondary Data:


How did I gather my secondary and primary source?

Data collection is a system used to draw for preparing and collecting a piece of orderly information. Gathering data can be accomplished through the primary source (which defined sets of qualitative or quantitative variables) and secondary data (which defined as a set of journals, articles, books, etc). I will use some sources for collecting reliable information from people. Primary data has been accumulated especially for the objective in mind, therefore, I assembled primary source through personal research such as taking personal interview of each individual by giving a questionnaire, and by mailed questionnaires according to my requirement under the control of the investigator. I congregate my secondary source from the external sources which are frequently and analyzed meant for the financial application like- journals, books, magazine, newspaper and the internet.


Assessing the reliability of secondary sources-

A secondary source is a source that records all the information including interpretation, evaluation, and reviews the study of the original information. The whole information is stable and reliable because I obtained each piece of work from journals, magazines, and textbook that has been published with a reliable publication process. The reliability of each source entirely depends upon the context, therefore, each source weighted to judge whether it is a reliable statement for being made in the Wikipedia articles or it is a relevant source for the content. Accurate information is listed with an author, third party or presented by a reliable publisher is the first sign of a reliable source, including the date of any study, is very important by adding a date the website permits me to decide whether this information is enough for my work. Citation, accuracy, currency, design, and well-designed articles help me to decide whether this information is more easily attainable and will strengthen my information. Hence, poor grammar and spelling sites also give evidence that they are not reliable source.   


Assessing the reliability of primary source-

Reliability is a way to evaluate the quality of the measurement procedure. In quantitative research, questionnaire and interview is the part of the measurable procedure. Primary data is a time-consuming process and the information that I asserted for this research is quite reliable and more feasible. I sent my questionnaire to the headquarters of Asda which is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The information that they have given to me is accurate and makes my work understandable and clearable; this will add some more consistency and stability in my unit of research. I am quite sure that the information given by the headquarter is purely reliable, exact, trustworthy, and unfailing.                  



Problems in gathering primary resource-

I will face common problems while I am accumulating the primary source. I sent my questionnaire to headquarter of Asda but still to get some more and exact information I individually researched those questions. Due to a lack of knowledge or skills about any question, the responder will give me obscure information. The primary source is an expensive process so that's why I need to manage the funds for questionnaires, surveys, etc but unfortunately, I am incompetent to maintain the sufficient funds as I needed for my questionnaires this will instantly influence my study. As I asserted to you that it is an expensive process as compared to the secondary resource so my whole funds are spent on preparing and carrying out the extremely high research. This research will take a lot of time and sometimes I need research that involves feedback from the targeted individuals. There are quite high chances that feedback from the targeted responder will be accurate and another foremost thing that I want to notify you of is that I am not able to manage other resources which are required in larger quantities to do surveys and collect data.


Problems in gathering secondary research-

I face a lot of complication while my research, I find most of the articles which are old, not reliable and that old, invalid source is of no use for my study of work. I assemble the secondary data from a newspaper, magazine, books, and journals but most of the time these credible sources are based on opinion and not be used in my piece of work this is the main obstacle that I should face during my research. Availability of data is another issue when I am using this source. Secondary data does not provide me with good information for my research because the format of these data can be completely changed furthermore due to the extreme change over some time in environment and technology, most of the articles; journals provide me misleading information unless corrections and changes are made.

































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