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Large Venture


The large venture entrepreneurships are accountable for consistence development of a new product and services in market due to which they are sustaining innovation through deliberatively involving in offering of new variants in the global market. The most significant examples of large business entrepreneurship includes company like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Reliance Corporatation Samsung and other various FMCG such as coke, Pepsi, Mc Donalds’s etc.

These all have considerable footprints in global entrepreneurship. These large ventures are huge boom due to the fact that they are impeccably acquainted with changing customer needs and advanced technology(Acs & L, 2009). In the context of Nepal large venture entrepreneurship like CG a leading conglomerates of Nepal has been contributing in a country’s export.

 In order to create a multiplier effect in economy there requires number of large ventures to be commenced so as to maintain the trade balance and assimilate the economic development therefore CG has been facilitating , incubating the economic development and enormously enriching the market share because of the varieties of product offering. Apart from CG, there are lots of ventures such as Khetan group, Sipradi trading, Sharada group and Jyoti group.

Small Venture Entrepreneurship

In today’s world the small business entrepreneurship is rapidly growing as it is easy to set up their business with innovative ideas which is leveraged through congenial business environment. Small ventures such as grocery stores, consultancy firms, hairdressers, travel agencies, online platforms are norm today. The overwhelming number of entrepreneurs and startups in the United States are still small businesses. There are 5.7 million small businesses in the U.S. They make up 99.7% of all companies and employ 50% of all non-governmental workers (Faizal, 2017) . Moreover, there is range of SMEs and MSMEs in Nepal which has become viable option in employment generation, enhancing rate of GDP and alleviation of poverty. Thus, lots of entrepreneurs are shifting of investing or garnering their efforts in small and medium ventures as required resources are easily accessible, hire local employees and most barely profitable with less risk as opposed to corporate. In addition, the medium enterprises in Nepal have flourished their business activities and have become the backbone of an economic growth.  For, instance, Hill take, Nepatop, Goldstar, Shikhar shoes, Nepal liquor etc.

Growth Firms startups

The growth firms are those business ventures having significant earnings at very fast rate and generates income substantially as well as expansion of firm in terms of range, scope, product offering, innovation and creativity. In Nepal, the B2C form of business is growing gradually through an effective mobilization of digital marketing, grasping opportunities like niche market.

An ideal example of this would be DARAZ which carters 100,000 products right now, 1,200 sellers, 700,000 people visiting the company’s website every month and  has started its logistics which has made faster delivery with companies to warehouse and final consumers(The Himalayan Times, 2019). These growth companies have created value by continuous expansion on net profit and spending on research and development. Furthermore, IT companies in Nepal such as Leapfrog tech Inc, Javra, Verisk IT are good examples since they have been enabling the company to grow by introducing new and  improved services ranging from      software development, SEO techniques, graphics design, and application development and so on.


Lifestyle Firms

In lifestyle firm, an entrepreneur creates business with an objective of altering their personal lifestyle despite having sole purpose of making profit due to which they are obsessed more into passion about what he/she is doing.

The examples might be the successful authors, you tubers’, bloggers, application and software developers. Simply, it is an approach of finding owns passion and interests or hobbies and turning it into a business.

Scalable startup entrepreneurship

To begin with, founder of the world’s largest online marketplace ALibaba, founder of Facebook, instagram, and hence forth could be referred as the scalable startup entrepreneneurs as they commenced their ideas believing that their vision can change the world. In other words, in this type of entrepreneurs-hip ventures the entrepreneurs think of creating legacy or devising a unique transfigure. In addition, other highly scalable ventures includes Amazon, ebay, uber,  Large internet businesses like Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, hotspots like Silicon Valley, Shanghai, New York, and Bangalore. Thus, these risk takers are properly familiar with possibilities of changing the world. In Contrast, the startups could be ruined if the business deficient in CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), namely an inappropriate offering, better innovation and sometime replication become devastating.

Social Entrepreneurship

A kind of non-profit venture that utilizes individuals and acquires salary so as to help address apparent social or ecological issues and working with minimized individuals with an expectation of making commitment to the general public and entrepreneurs are focused on providing product and services that would alleviate social problems through fulfilling needs and making easily accessible to the people in order to make world a better place. One example of social entrepreneurship would be business, namely Action Works Nepal with an aim of maintaining social equality in by empowering the underprivileged, vulnerable and the excluded group of the society, additionally employing them in the manufacturing of recycled materials. In reciprocate to that, revenue generated is further mobilized in conduction of awareness programs in central, mid-western and far western regions of the country. Moreover, number of social enterprises has grown tremendously. Recently, Nepal has also hosted its First International different countries had participated and presented Conference on Social Entrepreneurship back in 2012016 where speakers from their papers on the same topic. More and more entrepreneurs today are interested in establishing social enterprises and new courses have been developed to enhance and polish the skills of social entrepreneurs.


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