Question-   Group and Team Management



Learning Process:

We as a group and as individual learnt things which never build before while in search of solutions for the cases what we solved. Team management is not an easy task and the team lead kept good efforts to make the team as best as in its weakest link, such a team we are in thinking and getting creative ideas to keep our answers and arguments strong for the discussion. The strategy positioning that followed to keep team unique and to stand unique with in the team is to never miss the coordination to pick up or to end the argument in right time and the key formula is utilizing the give sort of time to discuss the case with in and not to read individual. So, what we discuss in the given sort of time, the same we kept forward by adding create thoughts and related examples what comes under a perfect implementation.

Improvement Required:

As self, I first thought how to solve and implement the strategies that matches the case but in the process of solving and creating solutions it went easy like just to apply what we learnt in the previous or from the read modules. But I still found difficulties in taking initiatives that seems to be weakness in me. So, the plan for this is showing enthusiasm in face to make professor to as for a cold call, started accepting cold call which fills confidence in the heart to take initiative and still this remains an improvement in my curriculum. From case point of view the improvement seems to be in the length of case, I think keeping compact makes the reader to keep and to use reader IQ in max level that shows how creative a reader to create matter in 30 minutes. Obligation handling, this requires in handling the obligations that raised by other teams when we discuss the solution and we have to prove that we are right in the aspect of thinking for solving the case and this stands the key improvement in me.


Individual reflection, the task that made me to look in myself, the ____________ theory which I used to define me helped to identify the hidden improvements in me within this curriculum. Most importantly team management is the key feature which requires to be in every upcoming man manager which incorporated by the modules within us from the beginning as in the form of case solving to understand the various situations and how to solve them.  So finally I can say that I am at a good dynamic position to handle all the various situation that I solved to implement in the real world.

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