Question-   Health Care Policy on Immigrants


An Opposition to the Health Care Policy on Immigrants

There has been an increasing number of both documented and undocumented immigrants
living in American within the past year. In 2016 alone an estimated 21.1 million immigrants
were living America (Fazel-Zarandi & Kaplan, 2018). Due to this increase, there is a need to
develop an all-inclusive health care system. This essay discusses the reasons behind the
opposition to the provision of basic healthcare to immigrants.

Reasons for the opposition to the Healthcare policy

The huge costs that will be incurred in the implementation of the healthcare policy are
one of the critical reasons behind the opposition. The burden of providing healthcare will be laid
on the American government, and that will spread on to the provision of basic medication to the
immigrants. For instance, the Health Safety Net (HSN) program which provides coverage to the
immigrants is funded through state tax (Joseph,2016). This, therefore, means that there is an
opportunity cost on the side of the American citizens. moreover, the HSN program is vulnerable
to various budget cuts which lead to low-quality insurance cover for the immigrants.
The state is also mandated to ensure that the majority of legal citizens are covered by the
health care system before they can extend a helping hand to the immigrants which are evident in
the Affordable Care Act which was formulated by president Barrack Obama. The act restricts the
use of federal funds to provide health care issuance to undocumented immigrants. Studies show
that a good number of legal citizens still do not have comprehensive health coverage insurance
which should not be the case. Therefore, I oppose the policy to provide basic health care
coverage to immigrants regardless of their legal status in America.


In conclusion, it is outrighlty clear from the evidence provided above that the basic
health care coverage to the immigrants regardless of their legal status in America should not be
provided due to the underlying effects such as the cost of the policy.

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