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North Face and H&M


The North Face


Million tons of clothes finish up in landfills or confine every year in the U.S. and around the world.

The North Face’s Clothes the Loop is an apparel and footwear program, rised in 10 retail locations in the U.S (Recycle Today, 2015). They have expanded the programme to over 150 stores around the globe. And they have collected over 30,000 kgs of items to be recycled.


In its retail locations in the U.S., Canada and Germany, the program has collection bins. Any footwear and clothing, which are used from any trademark, can be dropped off at the North Face retail and outlet stores. You will receive a $10 bonus to encourage your next purchase of $100 or more. The items which are dropped in the collection bins are sent to a recycling center for sorting over 400 categories. Clothes the Loop is part of SUFFSTR, the app that helps people recirculate items they do not want anymore (U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, n.d).



The program deals with a partnership named I:CO (I:Collect), a worldwide textile recycling service based in Germany. They collect and sort the items by category and analyze them.

After the recycling of the materials, they are used for other various products. The I:CO has a take-back system for collecting used clothing and foodwear at the location of a retailer and recycle them (Recycle Today, 2015).


Another partner is TerraCycle, who keeps plastic polybags, used for protection of the items during transportation, out of the landfills. The North Face Polybag Recycling Program is a private program and all North Face employees are encouraged to participate. They want them to save the polybags in the store and send them to TerraCycle. The North Face and TerraCycle are in search of solving the problem of the general packaging waste problem in the textile industry. TerraCycle will recycle the material into innovative products (Bennet, 2017).

The Northface have partnership wıth Stuffstr in order to make Clothes the loop more accessible, which lets individuals locate houses for their unused items. The free software which can be found only in İOS, helps individuals to put discarded products free of charge.

From all the effort of North face illustrates how North Face have an strong mission in order to protect environment (Bennett, n.d).

The importance of recycling

Environmental benefits are for example a production of a t-shirt. It consumes between a huge quantity of water and a very high amount of CO2 emissions. 

From the beginning of the Clothes the Loop project, 42,500 pounds of clothing and footwear are brought by people to the North Face US stores. The project also improves benefit to The Conservation Alliance, who directs their funding to community-based campaigns to protect threatened wild habitat and recreation areas (The North Face, n.d).

H&M Garment Recycle Program

H&M was founded in 1947. Currently, it is one of the biggest retailer and has affordable price. In addition, H&M is one of the most recognizable brands worldwide.  Since 2013, they continue to global garment collection program in its stores. Furthermore, H&M has an aim which is to sell clothes made by recyclable/sustainable materials by 2030 (H&m, n.d.).

H&M’s recycle process made with partner company which is called I:CO and global recycling company (H&m, n.d.). H&M has garment collecting points in its every store. I:CO collects the bags from 4,500 and the bags go to Leipzig in Germany (WELL MADE CLOTHES , n.d). H&M stores and then they sort the products into 3 categories (H&m, n.d.). Firstly, they separate products which can be still used and can be sell in the market as second-hand. They call it “Re-wear category”. Furthermore, if the clothes or textiles seem that can not be used as second hand, they produce another type of products from them, like cloths for cleaning. This category.

is called “reuse”.  The third category is Recycle. In this category, things like insulation is produced from textile fibers which are made by that recycle products.

In this Process, H&M has HKRITA (The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile and Apparel as a partner for this recycle process, in order to create new clothes made by recycle clothes. H&M has Weekday’s Brand. By means of textile development projects of HKRITA, Weekday’s Re-Made capsule denim collection was created (H&m, n.d.) (Beeler, 2017). 

Sustainable Manager of H&M UK and Ireland , mentioned that 60 percent of all products selected as re-wear category as second hand. Only 5-10 percent of clothes are recycled into fibers. Since 2013 (from the beginning of  garment recycling program), H&M has collected 56,000 tons of textile globally which is equal to 260 million T-shirt (Beeler, 2017).


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