Question-   How to Start a Conversation With Stranger?


Answer :

1.    Today, I’ve called to my grandmother who lives abroad. Usually we used to text, but through a call, I was able to hear her smile and our dialogue lasted much more than usual texting, because we were actually enjoying hearing each other. The second person I’ve called was my grandfather. We usually do not even text each other, but I was frankly surprised how we had many things to talk about. In addition, he invited me to come over next week so I hope I will not have many assignments to do . The last person I’ve called was my close friend. I’m still in shook because I found out the we never called each other. We communicated either through texts, voice chat in games or in person. So he was confused and worried if something serious has happened. We didn’t talk too much but he said he has some good news so we are meeting later this day.  

2.    I’m an introvert so I don’t ever talk to strangers but today I’ve tried my best and started a conversation with my neighbor who recently bought a sports car. In my mind it was very awkward because we never talked, but now he bought a car and I’m trying to have a chat with him and he may think that “he is trying to become my friend since I have money”. However, due to my little knowledge in cars, I started to ask him questions and he was definitely enjoying it because it seem like he was waiting for someone to tell about his car. After I stopped asking questions he kept telling me more about his car and even allowed me to sit in it and “rev” it. The other guy was washing his car and I chose him because I see him jogging and I do go it too so I figured to talk about that. He wasn’t in mood at the beginning but tried to hide it. Anyways, I started to ask him questions such as: what’s your fastest mile, what’s you fastest paste, how far can you run, how long can you run and so on. At the beginning he wasn’t interested in the conversation so he was just giving me the numbers, but at the end I said him “well I like jogging too so I was interested in other people’s results” and he sta

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