Question-   HTS703 – Leisure & Nature-Based Adventure Tourism


Nature Based Adventure Tourism


Sustainability refers to process in which present needs are fulfilled without affecting the compromising ability of future generations. Sustainability plays an essential role in tourism sector. The role of Sustainable development is increasing in the tourism industry. The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. Tourism development refers to sustainable expansion in tourism sector. Sustainable tourism is an industry that is committed to developing a lower effect on the environment and local culture at the time of generates future employment for local individuals. The positive sustainable tourism makes sure about the development which is providing a positive experience to the local area citizens. Tourism development is necessary for earning competitive advantages for nations in terms of gaining economic growth, global positioning, and improvement in the country’s employment services. The assignment is based on Top deck a tour operator company which provide trips for people whose age is around 18 to 39 in all over the country.

You are required to write a report of different methods of planning and expansion of sustainability in your country of Origin.  This will help in identifying the issues and hurdles in planning for sustainable role in tourism with a concentrate on gaining advantages for local society, economy, and environment largely. 

Task One

1.Analyze how Stakeholders can benefit from planning? (2.5m)

2.Discuss theAdvantages and disadvantages of public/private sector tourism planning partnerships (2.5m)

3.Analyze theapproaches to Tourism planning and development(2.5m)

4. Provide the Importance of interactive Planning System (2.5).


Important Note

  1. This is an individual report writing
  2. Provide proper intext referencing & your Bibliography (Harvard style)
  3. Due in Wk. 4 on 26th March at 3pm Online.



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