Question-   Human Resource Management



Staffing:An organization can become successful if it has eligible individuals that are appointed for a specific position along with the appropriate place and timing. This would help a Syakar company to fulfill its corporate goals. The company shall be provided with such trained staff at the time when its HR department conducts an appropriate staffing task. The important work of the HR department personnel feature is listed below.

  • Job Analysis: Systematic effort is made in job analysis to determine the experience, abilities and roles required for the performance of certain workers within the company.


  • Human Resource Planning (HRP):Human Resource Planning is the HR department's comprehensive staffing task operation in which the human resource requirements are checked to ensure the availability of the necessary number of workers with the required skills & experience as needed.


  • Recruitment:Recruitment is an organized method to recruit & enable comparatively significant numbers of candidates to apply for the organization's required jobs.


  • Selection:Selection is the final structured process through which the organization selects the best people for the job from a pool of applicants who can easily meet the required requirements for fulfilling the organization's desired duties.


Human Resource Development

Human resource management roles include another important role for the HR department in which staff training and development are carried out in conjunction with career planning. For this function, other tasks are conducted like performance evaluations to determine the training and development needs of the workers identified. Training is planned and delivered to provide staff with the skills and knowledge necessary for their current job positions. Although growth is much wider than preparation, in which the future role of workers is addressed by supplying them with sufficient knowledge to undertake the more complex tasks of future jobs.

Both employees and organizational teams may benefit from the development of human resources that ultimately benefits the company by improving its entire performance. The creation of human resources is not an optional task but the obligation of workers as well as organizations to meet the evolving talents, occupations, and technologies of the world.

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