Question-   Human resource Planning


Human Resource Planning


What is Human resource planning?

HR planning looks at the current workforce, their skills and motivation and compares them with what is going to be needed in the future. To do this a business has to take into account internal factors (inside the business), external factors (outside the business) and the skills that are needed by an organisation

Internal planning

Internal HR planning considers how internal policies impact staffing

  • Organisational need

There is a constant change in business which may alter the need to adapt the workforce such as; change in demand, entering new markets and ventures, changes in technology and moving factories abroad. One of the factors that KFC has been effected by would be increase in demand as this would result in KFC having to employ more staff. HR would need to plan a recruitment and training programme. Changes in working conditions for current staff might be needed, an example of this is that working hours may need to be changed/re-arranged.

  • Skill requirement

Assessing the skills of the current workforce is an essential part of human resource planning. It enables the business to build up a profile of the training, experience and qualifications that the employees already have. This is very Important, whether the business is capital intensive or labour intensive. If the nature of the organisation changes, then the skills required will also change.

Labour intensive is an industry requiring a larger workforce therefore uses more people than machinery. KFC is a labour intensive business, KFC can assess the skills of the workforce through interviews, role play, mystery shoppers and observations.

Workforce Profiles:


This is when a business examines the profile of their workforce;


ž  Age – knowing the age of the workforce is important as it can indicate if there are any potential problems in the future. There could be a problem if staff are of a similar age, e.g. lots of staff retiring at the same time. Businesses must plan for any gaps in younger/older workers can be identified and recruitment practices can be put into place to reduce them.

ž  Gender and ethnicity – is important to judge whether there is equal opportunity.

ž   Ability – an organisation must profile their qualifications, experience and skills. Profiling this information, allows a business to plan any training gaps or finding employees who have training in one job that may be of use in another.

Every year in KFC a large amount of the workforce go to university, as they employ a lot of students. KFC will need to consider the amount of staff  they employ that will be  leaving .



External planning


External planning factors are factors that can impact staffing. These factors are something that a business has no control over. External planning factors include: Supply of labour, labour costs, workforce skills, government policy, labour market competition, employee expectation and the impact of automation.




Labour Costs

Labour costs must be considered by HR. If a business happens to be more labour intensive, then the labour costs will be higher than a company using more machinery. Labour costs are also governed by the minimum wage. Organisations can pay more but they must not pay less. Human resource planning must include adjustments in increases to the minimum wage. The minimum wage has recently increased to apprentice wage of £3.30, £3.87 for under 18’s and £5.30 for 18 to 20 year olds and £6.70 for 21-24 year olds. Because of this, KFC would need to hire staff members that are younger so that the current rate that they have to oblige by will be lower for the younger staff members.


Workforce Skills

A business must examine its local area to see the different types of skill levels that are available by using national statistics that are published by the government. Businesses need to plan and consider their future needs. They need to decide what skills they need from their workforce and to attract the right people to work for them. They may offer extra benefits to attract people with the right skills. If it is not possible to get people with the right skills from the local area, then the business may recruit from abroad. Because of this, KFC will need to ensure that they are employing staff members with a certain set of skills. These skills will be: Working as a Team, both Literacy and Numeracy skills, Customer Service skills, be able to solve problems, Technical skills, Culinary, Time Management, Aptitude for learning and also be able to lead a small team. Because of this, the Human resources department at KFC would have to be able to influence new employees with these specific skills to work for them. This could lead to having an increase in wages or plan to offer more benefits or incentives.


Supply of Labour

Some parts of the UK have had a shift in the nature of work e.g. in the north-east there has been a move away from primary and manufacturing to industries like retail, three quarters of the UK’s economy is in the service sector. This represents a training issue which may result in employees needing to be retrained so that they can perform in other areas. For instance, they may have skills in manufacturing but not retail, which is the industry where the demand for staff is higher. Supply of Labour is dependent on trends in unemployment, but suitable employees will still be needed by businesses. Unemployment in the UK is 5.1% and has generally been decreasing, this means that Employers may need to pay more to attract better qualified staff who possess the correct skills that are required.

KFC will have to ensure they attract the correct staff with the correct skills, they will do this through interviews, training, skills audits, observation and performance management. They must also ensure that they pay competitive rates as this will also attract staff with the correct skills. If unemployment is low this may result in there being less skilled workers to choose from therefore this could also have an impact on the training at KFC as more training may be required which means planning will be required. The training should be planned to ensure that it focuses on providing the skills needed to fulfil the job.



Why Human Resources Planning Is Important?


Staffing numbers

Staffing numbers will be correct because HR will have planned the correct staffing in accord to the needs of the restaurant. By KFC having the correct amount of staff this will lead to the team being able to run more efficiently therefore leading to better customer service being provided to customers.



impact on performance and motivation

Staff performance will rise because staff will have the skills to do their job comfortably. Staff at KFC    will therefore have an understanding of what the need to do, this will lead to them being more confident in their job role allowing them to perform better.


Customer experience

Customers will get a better experience because staff will be trained more effectively, it will have been planned this will lead to more repeat customers purchasing from KFC as they are happy with the service provided.


sales & profits

sales & profits will rise because the customers will have a good experience. This will lead to the business making more money and be able to invest their profits on improving the business.


future performance

Due to human resource planning the future of KFC is more likely to be secure because of the sales they will be receiving.


Human Resources is important because without it the business would not be able to run efficiently and the business may lose customers.


Team member


Skill required at KFC

Why is this skill needed?

How is the skill initially identified

Why is this appropriate?

How might the team member need to adapt this skill as KFC develops?


Communication is needed in order to provide customers with effective customer service and ensure all the correct food orders are made. If good customer service isn’t provided this will result in loss of customers to competitors.

Role play

This is appropriate as it allows us to assess the communication skills. Role play allows us to see how the person will interact with the customers in the particular rob role.

Different customers who may have different requirement may come into the restaurant e.g. visually impaired. Staff may need to learn and adapt their communication skills.


This skill is needed as team members will be handling money and giving out change to customers.

Short mathematical test

Testing is appropriate as the individual can be giving mathematical problems to solve in a certain amount of time.

If KFC starts to become more busier they may have to deal with more detailed problems such as, more complex orders and mathematical problems

Team work

Team working is a key skill needed in order to get tasks done efficiently. Without good teamwork, customers would not be satisfied. This will also help to resolve conflict and possible avoid it. 


This is appropriate because Team work can be observed by the manager, this will help to see if the staff are working effectively to provide the best service for the customers.

As the number of staff has changed and KFC has become busier, staff are being asked to work within different types of teams e.g. larger teams. This means that they need the right skills to be able to adapt to this.


Technology is needed as a skill in order for the staff members to use the tills and the automatic machines so that they can take the customers’ orders.


This is appropriate because  technology skills can be observed by the manager, this will help to see if the staff are working as well as they should be and to the standard that they are expected.

KFC will need to make sure that their technology skills are always updated to meet the correct standard of their competitors. The team members at KFC will need to make sure that they are aware of how the technology works.

Time management

Time management is needed to make sure that the workers keep on track to produce the best service possible for their customers.


Peer assessment

This is appropriate because in peer assessment, time management will be observed by the manager. This will help to see if the staff are working to produce the best customer service possible.

KFC will need to make sure that they are managing their time in order to work to meet the needs of their customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Team manager





Skill required at KFC

Why is this skill needed?

How is the skill initially identified

Why is this appropriate?

How might the team member need to adapt this skill as KFC develops?


Communication is needed as a manager to communicate well with staff and also customers.

Role play- conversation with staff member about an issue a staff member is experiencing at work.

This is appropriate as it allows us to assess the communication skills. Role play allows us to see how the person will interact with the employees and respond to the issue.

As KFC becomes busier they will need to ensure communication between managers and staff is good so everybody understands their roles in order for the business to run smoothly as more orders/customers will be dealt with.


This skill is needed because managers are expected to cash up, write reports concerning cash flow, profitability.

 mathematical test

Testing is appropriate as the individual can be giving mathematical problems to solve in a certain amount of time.

If KFC grows in popularity, the management will have more complex accounts therefore they need to keep onto of their mathematical skills.


This skill is needed as managers will need to present information to staff.

Observation test- present a presentation on kfc at interview

Staff may be asked to present a presentation on what they know about KFC. This would allow interviewers to see their presentation skills- such as loud projective voice, confidence, PowerPoint skills etc.

As Kfc grows staff may need to be informed of new information about the business as they may change the way they run to adapt to the larger customer base. This information could be presented though a PowerPoint presentation.


This is a key skill needed as a manger as they will have to fill in written reports for senior managers.

Written test-projects/assignments

By completing a written assignment, this will allow the written skills to be assessed. We would be looking for use of formal language.

If KFC grows as business and starts to become busier, the reports on the business may become longer and managers may struggle to find the time to complete them. Managers would need to ensure they leave time to complete reports and that they are completed to a high standard still.

Time management

Time management is an important skill for managers as they need to ensure they are completing reports to deadlines, having enough staff starting at times appropriate for the business.

Performance reviews

A performance review will allow us to see what the areas which are being managed well and which aren’t allowing us to see what needs to be improved on.

As KFC gets busier the manager needs to ensure they keep on top of time management ensuring they have enough staff to complete everything on time and completing reports to deadlines.





Describe how the skills that employees require to carry out jobs in an organisation are identified.


Team Member


Skill Required

at KFC

Why is this skill needed?

How the skill

is initially identified

Why is this appropriate?

How might the team member

need to adapt this skill as KFC



Communication is needed to give effective customer service and to make the correct food order. Without

good customer service, people would go to other fast food businesses.

Role Play

This is appropriate because in a role play the responses of the person can be

assessed. This will help to judge how they communicate.

Different customers may come into the restaurant with different

requirements e.g. visually impaired. Staff might need to

learn and adapt new communication skills.


Good numeracy skills are needed within this job role as the team member will be handling money and giving out change to customers. Without numeracy skills the team member may give out the wrong change to customers leading to customer complaints.

















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