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If you’re in business, you’re a negotiator. People say that if they had to pick one of the scariest challenges facing every first-time entrepreneur, it would be learning how to negotiate. And when you're in business, negotiating the best possible deals is high, if not the highest, priority. As a business owner, you can’t know enough about negotiating. Negotiation is not a search for truth, justice, or a friendly discussion at the corner Coffee shop or a quest for the perfect solution to a business problem. Negotiation is the deal waiting to happen between these goals. The goal in negotiation is to win- to get the best deal you can.

So to get ready for any negotiation, three thing I should remember is firstly know your bargaining position, it mean that, you should define your position in negotiating on clear situation, you should know you are a in the stronger position or not. Secondly, know how the other side perceives its position, if your negotiating position isn’t great but you see the other side is worry about losing the deal, you can convince them, and get a strong position. The last, assess your bargaining style, those who are naturally aggressive, fearless, and downright ornery tend to make the best negotiator. So just make sure your behavior is not a sign of weakness or you‘ll lose the negotiation.

Moreover, when you are negotiator you should know what do you want, and hold the golden rule. (1)Winning the most point in a negotiation is almost always a function of Not needing the deal as much as the other side does. (2)Convincing the other side they need the deal more than you do or a combination of 1 and 2

Any point that isn't a deal point is a trading point-nice if you can get it, but you can live without you sense it's a deal point for the other person. In a negotiation, your goal is to get all your deal points and as many of your trading points as possible, recognizing that often you'll have to yield one or more trading points to get your deal points. Be realistic when identifying your deal points. A lot of things you negotiate for aren't really lite or death for your business. If you aren't sure if you really need something or not, it's a trading point.

The last the negotiation process. There are three basic steps in negotiation - sometimes they happen in order, sometimes not. Step one states your position: come up with clear positions and debate disagreements, step two: Search for win-win compromises: find a way to give the other what they really need not everything they asking for. step three does a little “ horse-trading”, in every negotiation, you get to a point where further compromise is impossible. For the deal to happen at this point, both sides have to engage in a litter: house trading. If the other side agrees, you make a deal if not the negotiation is over.


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