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A consent decree can be defined as the settlement or and agreement that disputes between two parties are resolved, without liability in a civil case or guilty admission in a criminal case. The court asks the plaintiff and the defender to enter into their agreement while the court supervises the decree implementation over the exchange in monetary. Federal courts frequently use the consent decree, mostly in and industries and businesses, to ensure that they adhere to regulatory laws in areas such as environmental regulation and antitrust law. Below is a list of issues in the current year and past years took in the consent decree. (Reynold 2008)

Ballot security Taskforce was among the list in a consent decree in 1982; it barred them from engaging in further such conduct until 2017. Pig ford versus Glickman, the issue was under race and law in the united states. In this case, consent decree credited 13,300 farmers under civil settlement rights. Another issue is the reformatory of the Kentucky state. This issue was to bring the reformatory of Kentucky compliance under federal decree consent issued by the USA. Divorce in Scotland was another issue handled under the consent decree. The international association of professional firefighters of the black people was another issue under consent decree leading to quotas being imposed in the hiring of firefighters, especially in the white department. Vulcans versus the society of Boston was another issue under the consent decree in October 2020. This resulted in the entry of an omnibus that hiring practices of municipalities were revised in the lawsuit.



 The following areas affect law enforcement, for instance.  Policy. (Kleymenov 2018) The United States federal government plays an important role in crime-fighting. This is by setting law enforcement basic parameters and providing money to the local agencies that enforce the law. The use of force is another area that affect law enforcement. The amount of force necessary to mitigate an incident should be used by law enforcement officers to arrest or protect others from harm and themselves.

Office Information System (OIS) is another area that affects law enforcement. They were formed to assist Major Cities Chief Association (MCCA) members agencies in maintaining the incidents in situational awareness and provision of factual data better to understand the causes and correlation of those shooting. Therefore, the OIS use led to the prevention of loss of life of many people and improved the safety of the officers as they enforced the law. (Corbel 2013) Law enforcement is also affected by in -death custody. This is a generic term that references deaths of those in the state; however, some incidents illustrate its definition, for example, when policies follow a certain contact that links to the death of that person. The police will have to investigate the matter and have the criminal arrested. Lastly, the evidence is another area that affects law enforcement. The police officer investigates the matter and provides evidence for the criminal to be captured and punished through imprisonment. Besides, the department can develop a strategic plan by changing a negative perspective by setting values. Departments can reflect on the community's expectations. Therefore, with a clear knowledge of this, they will work hard to meet the communities' expectations. They can also develop basic procedures and policies that will show a clear guideline towards implementing their core duties to the community.

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