Question-   Motivations for Pursuing Studying Abroad


My motivations for pursuing studying abroad


        The reason why I am choosing to apply for a semester abroad is that I want to experience as many cultures as possible.

I am Romanian, and I have been living in the UK since the start of the academic year, when I made that decision to come here, about 3 years ago, it was because I wanted to interact with a different culture, lifestyle, education, people and language, therefore I travel and study abroad so I can learn about those countries but, consequently, about myself and the world. I couldn’t imagine only knowing one way of life. I would like to explore as much as I can and then settle down.

      I choose these two Universities because I believe I am compatible with them.

Sweden, I thought about spending my University years there as I was advised by a Swedish architect, whom I volunteered for when I was younger, that it has one of the best education systems, that I would love the abundant nature, that it’s a sustainable country, it’s the source of ABBA and I love their music and the Swedish are polite and they strive for the best.

You don't hear about Malta often and in all honesty, it has made me curious. It's the smallest country in Europe, just 500k citizens, it has beautiful scenery, amazing food and impressive history, as it is an island in the Mediterranean, it was colonised by the French, Moors, British, Romans and there are signs of that in the culture, as a history buff and a forensic psychology student, I like doing “psychological autopsies” with countries.

Both countries are progressive in the manner of LGBTQ+ rights which is quite important to me, as a bisexual individual.

     I prefer Malta because I look at countries as life stages, Sweden seems like an “adult” country, whereas, Malta is more of a “young adult” country, which fits me more, I would feel more comfortable exploring myself.

     Studying abroad will complement my forensic psychology degree because by experiencing different cultures and living there, I can find opportunities for my career during my stay, experience from work I could find there or an opportunity for networking with people I meet. Immersing yourself in many cultures can give you the skills that you need to build a rapport with patients as a psychologist, relate to them from different perspectives, no matter their individual differences.

Studying abroad is evidence of transferable skills such as flexibility, adaptability, communication and people skills, drive to learn, that can set me aside and boost my chances when I am applying for a job.

      Studying abroad will enable me to become a global citizen as I want to embrace cultural diversity while being caring and aware of the country’s traditions, promoting equality, sustainability, responsibility when I am travelling, living there. Acknowledging I could only live there for 6 months, but people have a whole life there that you need to respect

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