As the title of the movie implies, it is all about one type of hacker who hacks with the intention of stealing money or data by accessing the system or even destroying them.

      On the first part of the movie, a powerplant’s coolant pumps shut down and reactors overheats and explodes caused by hackers. Then after some time, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was also hacked.

      Nicholas Hathaway, who was sent to prison because of a cybercriminal case was given a temporary release in the request of his college friend, Captain Chen Dawai to work with a joint US-Chinese task force to find the hackers. Hathaway identifies the criminal who aided the hacker in his penetration of the Exchange's computer servers who is Elias Kassar. The task force tracks him, but Kassar is always one step ahead of them. The confrontations culminate in Hong Kong as Hathaway is about to flee and was demanded by NSA and FBI to return and sent back to prison for illegally hacking an NSA program. Kassar kills Dawai and FBI agent Barrett and Marshal Jessup.

      Hathaway and his lover Chen Lien discover that the hacker’s attack at the nuclear plant merely a test for a later plan to sabotage and shut down the pumps at a river dam in Malaysia. Through this shut down, the river will flood mines causing tin prices to rise. The hacker intends to use the money he made hacking the Exchange to make a fortune.

      Hathaway and Chen manage to break into the hacker’s bank account and divert the money to secret location. They agree to become partners, but Hathaway knows that the meeting will be a trap, so he prepared himself by arming with weapons and body armors and insists Sadak and Kassar to come alone. But when Lien spots them bringing their goons, he alerts Hathaway and orders them to a new crowded location. Hathaway killed the hacker and Kassar but he was injured with stabs of a screwdriver. Chen manages to get Hathaway’s wounds treated and they both leave Indonesia with the money of the hacker still in their bank account.



     The main importance of the Blackhat movie is to spread awareness of cyber threats and risks to everyone particularly to businesses. Companies, especially those who are at their peak are prone to cyber-attacks which may lead to the loss or destruction of their data or information that will also affect the operations and reputation of the organization as a whole.

      In this fast-changing world where technology is everything and everywhere, awareness to the security of the company’s system is a must. Although technology is a great help, it is not always that you should rely on digital information because there are always risks associated with it. An effective internal control to the system must be applied to prevent unauthorized access and to provide authorization in each and every transaction. Employees of the company should also be careful in accepting information from different people. It is not harsh if you would be skeptical in asking identifications or investigating and confirming their sensitive information.

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”. There are different preventive controls when it comes to this issue such as making backup copies of important business data, having control physical access to your computers, requiring individual user accounts for each employee, regularly changing passwords and others. So, it is better to spend a lot of money for prevention than to suffer and spend more in the end.

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