Question-   New media in Bangladesh, In all democratic countries media is the fourth organ of the government.


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In all democratic countries media is the fourth organ of the government. The word 'media' is derived from the word medium, which describes all channel of communication.  Media is intended to reach and address a large target group or audience. At first the word media used in respect of books and newspapers, but now media encompasses television, movies, radio and internet. In this modern world media become very important in our daily life. Now in every country government using media in creating and shaping of public opinion and strengthening of society. In democratic country media is the sword arm. In today's world media acts like a watchdog to create public awareness and to protect public interest against malpractice. Today politicians and businessman taking full advantage of this media. But in this digital world new media become very popular than old traditional media. New Media most commonly refers to content available on-demand through the Internet, accessible on any digital device, usually containing interactive user feedback and creative participation. Common examples of new media include websites such as online newspapers, blogs, or wikis, video games, and social media.

However, older forms of media, such as radio, television and vinyl records, were once new. So what exactly makes “new media” new? In truth, new media is a relative term. Several practical and theoretical considerations help clarify just what new media is.

A distinction between new media and old media is that old media is for the most part mass media. In addition, each form of new media is highly interactive, while mass media is not. Users of new media are active producers of content and information, whether sending an email or using Internet collaboration tools.

New media refers to “those digital media that are interactive, incorporate two-way communication and involve some form of computing,” Robert Logan writes in his book Understanding New Media. New media is “very easily processed, stored, transformed, retrieved, hyperlinked and, perhaps most radical of all, easily searched for and accessed.”

Professor and new media theorist Lev Manovich describes new media as being native to computers or relying on computers for distribution: websites, human-computer interface, virtual worlds, virtual reality, multimedia, computer games,

computer animation, digital video, special effects in cinema and interactive computer installations.


History and background in Bangladesh

In the liberation war of Bangladesh during 1971, media played a greater role. Specially radio plays an important role in inspiring the freedom fighters to go forward with brevity during the liberation war. At that moment a rang number of newspapers, periodicals and journals were published highlighting Bangladesh War of Independence. Though that was not an easy work, because that time the whole country was under control by the Pakistan Military. Besides, in 1971, World Media also play a greater role in the war of independence of Bangladesh publishing the reports on war in world level. After the independence, they play a vital role in the development of politics at the time of political crisis in different Military regime in our country.


By the end of 1980s Bangladeshi print was always successful by transforming technological changes and most of the newsrooms have been made computerized at that time. At that time Bangladeshi media converted to internet, computer multimedia, computer games, emails and many more digital formats. Nowadays in Bangladesh all the newspaper have their own mobile application (app) and anyone can download it from google play store and apple store.


 Recently radio and television are the channel on which the state exercises its biggest influence. This become the most noticeable feature in Bangladesh in recent years. Though twenty-nine satellite television stations have reached viewers across the country. Most of the people in Bangladesh are now getting fastest services. The immensely popular Facebook has become a growing source of information for citizens. The availability of smartphones is acting as a catalyst in this new, fascinating trend.

Satellite broadcasting has brought a whole new world to people. The news-based television stations that came in quick succession bringing updates and live telecasts of events are now considered to be the dominant media. Two recent media surveys show a higher consumption (over 80 percent) of television in the country. However, the television stations can't do what print does. Some newspapers are publishing stories that challenge the establishment and in consequence face intimidation, a factor which is nearly absent among ruling party- and businessmen-controlled broadcasters.


Radio is not lagging behind and is making its presence felt in the media landscape with the introduction of both commercial FM and community radio stations. A country that had only one state-run radio station before 1999 now boasts 35 radio stations. The commercial radio stations are popular among youths in the major cities. These stations are airing more entertainment programs than news, considering the fact that the listeners are interested in enjoying music and the stories related to celebrities.


With competition among the media intensifying, some media companies have gone for multiple media platforms through introducing print, television, online and radio. In efforts to remain relevant, two leading newspapers – Prothom Alo and English-language The Daily Star – have gone for bilingual news services. The Daily Star is giving selected stories in Bengali while Prothom Alo has been operating a full-fledged English website for the last several years., the first online news portal in the country, also has both English and Bengali news services. Prior to the expansion of television stations and the Internet, people used to rely on newspapers to access authentic news. Now the country has numerous newspapers, TV stations and online news portals. Unfortunatly though, the standard of journalism is very low. Media is seen to be less credible, mainly because of the political affiliation of the owners, editors and journalists. Some owners are not directly involved in politics or inclined towards the government, but they don't go against the establishment in order to protect their business interests. Some corporate houses have introduced both print and broadcast media that safeguard corporate houses and their proprietors. Journalists are..............

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