Question-   (PDF) Managing Water in a Changing World


How can we better Manage Water for Food and Public Health in a Changing World?

Introduction: Water is the basic element of human life. Water is issued in the agriculture sector for the production of food. Moreover, water is a precious resource which can be used in industry and in our daily routine activities as well. Water is a limited resource and the management of this precious resource is necessary to manage at the government and private level. More than 70% of water in Pakistan and other agricultural countries was used in agriculture. However, the water can be re-used for various purposes, and a proper water management system can save the water for the future. Water management system for public health food includes the prevention of climate change through green nation projects because sudden climate change can cause flood and proper water reservoirs in the country can save the water and use it for agriculture and another purpose. 

Objectives: The aim of the study is to highlight the importance of water for food and public health. Moreover, the goal of the study is to recommend an appropriate water management system for society. Water is a limited resource and it is vital to protect water resources otherwise developing and developed nations will run out of water in near future. 

Methodology: The study is descriptive in nature and data is analysed through the quantitative tool of data collection. The data is collected from both secondary and primary sources such as the literature, annual records of government and private organizations. Moreover, the data is collected from concerned personals of an organization through unstructured interviews. 

Significance: The study extends the literature for future researchers. Moreover, the study provides the roadmap to the organizations and government for the future strategic plan. 

Conclusion: Water is a precious resource and management of water resources is vital to protect the resource for future use.

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