Question-   Project steering department


Can you figure out the other reason why the team hasn’t practiced effectively and provide some recommendation for them to improve the status quo?

As saying in their presentation, in Project steering department, they exist three characteristics that employees rated with lower values and become the factors that leads to ineffective group. There are free flow of information and communication, feeling of mutual trust and dependency in group and conflict resolution by themselves. However, there are some other factors that may be impacts on this department which makes group hasn’t practiced effectively.

Can be seen from the result of survey, although the employees rated the open expression of feeling and disagreemen is high, however, when comparing with other characteristics, it is still lower. In order to investigate more deeply in this problem, the researcher interview some of respondent to understand why happening this problem. Linking with the factor: free flow of communication and information, the response of the respondent showed that when they start to participate in this department, as a Newby employee, they worry about giving the disagreement perspective with other employees or leader’ opinion because of lacking experienced. According to the results from the survey of what leadership styles behavior applies in Project steering department, because Mr. Phuong is achievement oriented leadership, he always shows the confidence for employee’ ability. High tech sectors is the environment requires employees with full of experience and expertise to solve the problem, therefore, they perceive uncertainty when giving their personal opinion which disagreement with other colleagues and leader opinion         leading to the employee affair that if their disagreement opinion is wrong, they may have less of trust and believe from leader because he may doubt about their ability. Moreover, working under professional environment in solidarity company and the leader always set challenge goals, when they make a mistake and are reprimanded by the leader, they cannot express the negative feelings in directly in workplace. Additionally, from the results of survey in this department, the number of female employees seems to lower than male employees, therefore, female employees may feel not comfortable and afraid when they express their feelings and communicate when discussing with male employees or Mr. Phuong in meeting.

: The leader need to open the close meeting- One minutes reprimanding in which the employees can open and freedom in expression and giving their opinion or complaint about the things that they not satisfied with leader or other employees with open and comfortable view. From which, the leader collects their feedback and need to change this argue to achieve higher productivity and common goals for group. When working, Mr. Phuong need to friendly and approachable communicate with employees as well as Newby employees to support and help them when they struggle with some part of task assigned. Furthermore, Mr. Phuong need to create the extracurricular activities such as picnic or climbing mountain, team building in order to make employees and Newby employees connect with each other and know about their characteristic.


Lower in staff turnover and less in absenteeism, accidents, errors and complaints: The salary in Project steering department is also favorable for employees and the results of survey showed that employees have the job commitment with this department, therefore, this remains the stable in staff turnover.

Although the result of survey show that they have full of participation in decision making process, however, because this is Project steering department, therefore in sometimes, some of member in group need to go to other department to check the progress of their implemented project or go to the location where the project is being implemented leading to the absenteeism mentally and physically in meeting. For instance, when Viettel telecom tested 5G network in Laos, some of member in Project Steering department need go with some of other manager in Vietel telecom to Laos in order to monitor and check the network setup steps and find out the risks to give the solution (, 2019). Moreover, because the impacts of Covid- 19 in recently, some of member choose work in home by online instead of going to the company, leading to the absenteeism in mentally and physically in company.


Mr. Phuong may create the planned absenteeism includes absenteeism from working activities pointing the member in group who must to go to survey and monitor the project in other location, paid time off, vacations, along with unplanned absenteeism includes emergencies and short term absence related to illness, injury or personal issue. By this way, he can check the absenteeism in effectiveness way and give the solution to reduce this problem by considering flexible hour to work or opening meeting. Moreover, he can consider rewarding who has good attendance to motivate his employees. Additionally, he can create the online meeting through Zoom app to check attendance and avoid absenteeism when the employees have the unexpected work with flexible times.

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