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Barry is 27 year old working in a restaurant as a food service manager he has a responsibility  of the all employees working in the back of the house the all employees are from the different backgrounds and english is not main language.Barry make all his effort for the food safety but he find very difficulty to manage all the work employees are provided with on the job training about the food safety but due to the more number of the employees as tranning is not enough to learn proper food safety in busy days many employees get job without any tranning as the owners of the restaurant are very supportive as they appreciate the Barry's work because they knew that food safety outbreak reduce the goodwill of the restaurant still restaurant owner does not provide any additional funds for the training one day Barry notices that things were not up to the mark the trays of the uncooked meat was seen idol in the table it looks very unhygienic as well as the employees are provided with the thermometer to check the food temprature


Barry is the manager and also responsible for the supervision of the employees

Employees are from the different age groups

English is not the common language between them

Training is provided to employees for the betterment of the work

Proper funds are not provided for the training purposes

Mismanagement in the kitchen of the restaurant

Barry take many initavies to improve the working conditions



 Communication barrier  they are from different backgrounds and don't have common language to communicate

Different age groups  the employees are from the different age groups which can create misunderstanding between them

 Improper TrainingOn the job training was not sufficient employees should also adopt some other method of tranning

Insufficient funds Proper funds are not provided for the employe tranning


Alternative solutions

Common language

As the employees should learn a common language through which they can easily communicate and reduce the chances of misunderstanding

Generation gap

As the employees of different ages may have different point of views and different opinion which leads to conflicts and lacks the coordination among the employees which reduce the work quality so the employees must be of the same age group

Proper traning as the employees should work only after the proper traning the employees are not admitted without proper traning

Adequate funds

As the owner should provide the funds for the employee training which increases the work perfomance

Emotional stabilityas the employees should be emotionally stable he may not be distressed with the his personal problems so he doesn't contribute his all efforts



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