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There is no uncertainty that different mechanisms of amusement are acquiring popularity. An ever increasing number of individuals are currently staring at the TV or playing computer games for relaxation. Nonetheless, Americans actually read for a normal of 15+ minutes consistently. Along these lines, books are digging in for the long haul, and Amazon is where individuals go to when they need to purchase a book. This fulfills the main condition that each merchant sees when choosing to sell an item – request. All things considered, 675 million books (print) were sold in 2017 in the United States.

Other than print books, book recordings and digital books are earning billions in income consistently. There's cash to be made at each progression of the store network. It's nothing unexpected at that point, that we have various extremely rich person creators. It's not simply the large fish, however. Amazon and digital books have opened up a chance for some writers to independently publish their work.

All you need to do is look online for book deals. Craigslist, eBay, and the Facebook marketplace are great places to start. Pick a book that is being sold for more on Amazon. Buy the book. Sell it on Amazon. Keep an eye out for expensive textbooks being sold by former students. These textbooks are often expensive and will nearly always be in demand once universities open back up. Moreover such books can also be sold on Kindle, Shopify and Pinterest. Amazon only accepts Kindle formats of eBooks, which can put many bloggers off from using the service as they feel that this process must be difficult.  This however isn’t the case and shouldn’t be a stumbling point for you because Amazon will automatically convert your eBook when you upload it.

Selling ebooks and other digital downloads on Shopify is extremely simple. You can use Shopify’s Digital Downloads app to upload digital files as products on your store. Your customers will get a download link after check out and they will even receive an email with the link once the order has been fulfilled. You can also automate the entire process so the files get sent to the customer instantly, or fulfill and send the files yourself. There are also some other Apps available on the Shopify App Store which will help you process digital downloads.

Some of these are:

  • SendOwl
  • Sky Pilot
  • Fetch
  • Downtown

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