Question-   Sustainable Underwater Museum




Tourism constitutes one of the largest industries worldwide, serving millions of domestic and international tourists annually. With the availability of modern transportation facilities and diminishing of national and international barriers, tourists are inclined to experience the rich culture and beauty of other places. The global tourism has increased steadily over the last two decades, transforming the activities of tourists into an entire industry, which also reflects in the tourism industry of the UAE. For instance, the worldwide tourism industry is expected to rise at an annual rate of 0.2 per cent to $1.5 trillion over five years, and the emerging economies are continuing to facilitate growth (Qian et al. 2019). This report aims to introduce a new product and service of the sustainable underwater museum in the tourism industry of the UAE. The innovative product will attract a large number of tourists and motivate them to visit the underwater museum as it will offer them unique activities which have never been experienced before. For instance, it will provide the activities of snorkelling and diving and help them to witness the underwater beauty of the UAE, such as different types of corals and coral reef along with other marine species. The sustainable underwater museum will be unique in terms of its services and activities. The underwater museum will demonstrate the UAE rich culture and heritage such as grand mosque, currency and popular mannequins.

Most importantly, the figures will be developed from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials without causing any damage to the marine environment and fishes. The underwater museum can be visited by boats of glass bottoms, scuba-diving or snorkelling depending on the site of the water body. The underwater museum will also preserve the legally protected sunken ships and antiques, which have remained part of UAE history (Hawley et al. 2019).



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