Question-   The Advantages of working while studying

  1. Introduction

Working while studying can be a great way to make a little bit of extra money. Somepeople like a full time work but some people like a part time work. It is not matter because that isprobably why nearly 80% of college students work while studying. Of course, it’s not necessarily the right decision for everyone, and there’s a real risk that if you spend too much time working and not enough time studying, you might not achieve the grades that you were aiming for. It is very important to balance it. This essay explores the advantages of working while studying.

  1. Body

The first best thing, you will get is help you to gain work experience. It will become a real experience until you finish your college. It mean you have spend 4 years work until you finish your college. When you are working while studying, you can also learn how a soft skill work in the real life. One more thing, with work for a long time, you will get high salary. It means you can pay a bill. For example, you are going to study in the city and you rent a house to live in. It is easy for you to have a job to find money to pay a bill. Once you have a long term experience work, you will become agood manager. It is very important for you if you finish your college and you already have a job with high salary. Moreover, when you want to work with other company or place you can work on it easily because you have had work it before. By working while studying can also help to support your studying. Working while studying give you confidence you need as you have financial control as a student. When you graduate your college, so you can developing your career as an expert.

Secondly, by working part time job you can learn to manage your money and your time wisely. It is very important for a college student who are from province and want to study in the city. I can say everything is expensive in the city. By working while studying also help student to learn how hard is it to get money. So they have to save it in their ways. For instance, the course book for study is very expensive and we need to buy more material for studying, so we need more extra money to support it. It might be very important if everyone learn to manage their money on everything. Moreover, you will be learn how to manage your time. It is very important for everyone because they also ask the google on how they manage their time. You can gain more skill is time management. Indeed, you will generally become more organized and efficient with your time, planning ahead to ensure you can fit everything into the limited time you have. For example, if school work become more overwhelming, meanwhile, ask your manager to reduce your hours so you can fit everything in.

Lastly, working while studying, you can get education, work and become more confident. It really a good idea that you can get both thing in the same time. It doesn’t waste your time, but you must separate your work and study time correctly. The important when you decide to work while you are studying, you will get both education and an occupation with a high salary.And if you decide to work you must also have to be hardworking on studying because studying is very important for everyone to get the education for their future.When you finish your college, you will get the certificate from your college and also money from your work together. Other thing is that you become confident even in the work time or study time. It might be very important for you if you are more confident to speak out or to talk about anything in every situation. Thus, it is easy for you to use the money you have saved to open your own business when you finish your college. You can get both benefits at the same time.

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, it is very important to find the income while studying when you are finished your high school. In addition, it provides the benefit things that you need to be hardworking on it. By working while studying, you will get the income, know how to manage your money and time, getting education and become m

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