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The importance of setting personal goals



Introduction: Setting personal goals are very important for human beings and it is often considered as the first step toward achieving anything. Personal goals generally give the focus which helps to turn invisible desire into visible one and without having a goal often resulted in wasted effort and confusion.

Importance of setting personal development goals:

Goals can keep any person in the track of success and to measure the progress toward the road to success and measuring progress can help any person to maintain focus and energy to achieve anything.

Setting personal goals is especially important for university students. Short term and long term personal goals of the university students help to achieve what they want in life. University life is often considered as the preparation time for facing the real world. A student in university life has to be prepared to face the real world by attaining skills and expertise in any matter. It is a short time and long-time personal development goals which help to achieve those skills and expertise in that relevant sector (Aarts, 2019).

Goals determine what anyone wants in life. If anyone wants to be a corporate person, he has to develop his marketing skills, convincing skills by setting goals to develop those skills so that he can become a successful corporate person. Goals keep the student motivated, and those motivation makes the desire of the student attainable and focused them on achieving their dreams (Brunstein, 1993).

Short term and long term personal development goals are also important for the career advancement for the university students.  The productivity of that student is also increased by those personal development goals as it helps to increase the efficiency of that student by strengthening the ability of that student.


Setting up clear short term and long term personal development goals are very important for the university student and every student should have some short term and long term goals.

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