Question-   The Role of Human Resources



The role of HR in the health care sector is of the utmost importance for attracting capable and skilled employees for providing better service to the service users. For building a high performing workforce, HR has to implement various strategies to attract potential employees. As such, this report will cover the role of HR in the organisational context of the British Red Cross.

Key highlights of British Red Cross Company

The British Red Cross society formed in 1870, is a charity and body of the global neutral and unbiased humanitarian network the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This organisation focuses on helping people in the region of the UK as well as overseas and providing them medical help without any discrimination based on nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs or religion (, 2021). Currently, 17,200 volunteers and 3,400 staff working for the British Red Cross society with Queen Elizabeth II as the patron. As per the reports in 2020, the revenue of this organisation was nearly £244.9 million (, 2021). Working environment The working environment of the British Red Cross society is very healthy and lucrative. Employees working in the company have shown high levels of workplace satisfaction. The working environment of British Red Cross society includes a diverse workforce. Open dialogues in the workplaces are encouraged in this organisation for a culturally diverse group of people. People all across the organisation work in harmony for the common goal of the charity. Payment/salary The organisation British Red Cross Society offers a variety of jobs for people with different talent and skills who want to work in the health care sector and for charity. The most common type of job in British Red Cross society is of the support worker and the annual salary of this job post is approximately £16,432.

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