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The Masons were returning to Walt Disney World in Florida with their son, Leon, who has quadriplegic and suffers from severe lung disease and seizures. They have already missed a flight because Leon’s lungs collapsed. Then they will experience flight delay again when the plane made an emergency return to Orlando Sanford International Airport because of the crew members who passed out from the pungent odor in the aircraft.

            When the firefighters got on board and started evacuating, David clarified that the aisle needs to be cleared to get his son off the plane. But instead of helping, they were told to wait inside the aircraft, and if they want to get off, he needs to carry his son.

            TUI Airways didn’t take action; there was no comfortable place to stay for Leon apart from the cold, hard floor in the terminal and a pillow. They dismissed the family’s complaints and didn’t apologize despite the long delay and lack of care and assistance. It was a very traumatic experience for the Mason family.


Problem/s identified

  • There are no attendants available to escort the Mason family when being evacuated
  • They were told to wait on the plane, and nobody helped them assist Leon
  • There was no accommodation given considering that Leon has to be taken care of because of his condition
  • They're also forced to sleep on an airport floor
  • Lack of treatment and support for disabled passengers
  • TUI Airways completely dismissed the complaints of the Mason family
  • They did not apologize for the incident that happened
  • TUI Airways did not held accountable for their mistakes; there was no compensation given
  • There's no medical team available in case Leon starts to collapse because of the traumatic experience


Chosen Problem: There is no attention and care, especially to those who are not capable of. It clearly shows poor customer service. Supposedly, when evacuating on an airplane, pilots and flight attendants should be the last to drop off to ensure all passengers are safe. But what happened is that the employees completely disregard the Mason family; nobody attended to them and helped Leon get down from the airplane.


Alternative Courses of action

  1. TUI Airways should apologize immediately and provide coverage to the Mason family for the 24-hour delay they suffered.


  • There's a possibility that the airline will not be charged for what happened because they took responsibility for the mistake they made.
  • It can lessen the trauma of the family as they deserve to be treated with care.



  • The Mason family might assume that they are being paid to protect the airline's reputation and that the money is the only way to overcome the trauma Leon endured.
  • The airline may experience profit loss because of the refund or compensation fee.


  1. TUI Airways should offer a comfortable place to stay for Leon’s family to ensure that they are safe from the occurrence.


  • Leon may be calmed down and rest from the incident if he has a comfortable place to stay.
  • The Mason family can feel that they are not alone and rest assured they're in good hands.



  • Because of the lack of care and assistance, there's a possibility the Mason family will book for another airline on their next flight.
  • The Mason family will never forget the mistreatment that happened in the aircraft.



  1. TUI Airways should continually assist the family from the flight until they departed to ensure that they didn't leave with a heavy heart.


  • The Mason family will feel that they are not being set aside and think that TUI Airways care about them.
  • In case of any future problems the Mason family will encounter, they can immediately take action never to repeat the same mistake twice.


  • The airways would need to appoint an attendant who must maintain a pleasant and professional manner because Leon's condition demands absolute consideration, not inadequate service.


Recommended Solution

To avoid scenarios like in the case study, Airlines should always practice prioritizing physically challenged persons. They should ensure that the experience of traveling is as relaxed and stress-free as possible for them. In case of emergency or flight delays, the airport must have a waiting area or seats for PWDs to avoid any severe injuries to the passengers and help them relax and avoid stress. Give them immediate medical or wheelchair assistance upon arriving at the airport. All passengers are important, but they need to keep in mind that passengers with disabilities have disadvantages, so they need to be focused on. They are particularly vulnerable to be discriminated so as much as possible, they should be assisted and taken care of for them to feel that they are not neglected. While it might be one of the most thrilling aspects of a journey to fly by air, many travelers are concerned about airlines. They can find it too overwhelming, especially for passengers with a physical condition. The overall journey always plays a vital role in the ultimate experience of a traveler. Therefore, all employees must obtain a consistent service to eliminate any unwanted tension or stress, taking into account vulnerable and disadvantaged customers' needs.

            For better effective service and avoid any complications from happening, the service from the beginning until the end must be exceptional.

  1. Attendants should assist physically challenged persons upon arrival. There should be special lanes dedicated to PWDs to avoid long lines and waiting.
  2. After checking in for the flight, attendants should assist them in their baggage and to their seats.
  3. During the flight, cabin crews must always be ready to attend to the passengers' needs, especially to the person with a disability. In case of emergency, make sure that they are not being pushed aside and neglected.
  4. After landing, there should be wheelchair assistance and assist them in claiming their baggage.
  5. Ensure that they arrived safely in their supposed area or in the vehicle that would pick them up.

We know that cases like this are inevitable, especially in the tourism and hospitality industry. But if this happens again in the future, make sure that no one is being disregarded. The actions to guarantee the safety of staff, travelers, and passengers with disabilities must be put in place.

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