Question-   workplace complexity



As the workplace complexity continues to grow, organizations have increasingly begun to depend on teams (Zehnalova, Horak, & Kudelka, 2015)

Teams have the ability to be more adaptable, productive and creative compared to an individual as well as provide solutions to organizational issues that are more complex, creative and comprehensive (Tanco, Jaca, Viles, Mateo, & Santos, 2011)

Individuals that works as a member of a team becomes involved in the organizational operations rather than having responsibility for a particular duty thus improving the quality of decisions made which builds a cooperative and goal-oriented culture (Amason, Thompson, Hochwarter, & Harrison, 1995).

Scholars have conducted a great deal of research aimed at understanding factors that explain how and why teams achieve desired outcomes (Turner, 2001).

Diversity factors consider the influence of the heterogeneity of team member characteristics on team mediators and outcomes (Chen et al., 2004). Findings indicate that diversity is a

complex input factor in team effectiveness models, with studies reporting diversity as being

beneficial, detrimental, and having no impact on processes, states, and performance (see

Webber & Donahue, 2001). Additionally, research has shown diversity effects interact with time

(Harrison et al., 1998), task type (Joshi & Jackson, 2003; Pelled, Eisenhardt, & Xin, 1999), and

organizational culture (Brickson, 2000; Ely & Thomas, 2001. diversity among team members in terms of demographic, functional background,

personality, and attitudes/values, as well as complex combinations

interdependence describes the “extent to which team members cooperate and

work interactively to complete tasks


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