Question-   Technology Addiction Assignment


Project 4 – Technology Addiction


Sometimes we made ourselves heavily dependent on something. And it is well known that crossing the limits and extensive use of anything would obviously lead towards the damage. In the same manner, like the one that happened In Irish potato famine, as potato includes all the necessary ingredients which human body requires, people started to rely heavily on potatoes. Thus, we can relate the dependence on potatoes to the dependence on the new world technology.

In this era, all the things are possible with the help of technology and technology is advancing every day. Most of the world’s largest organizations relies heavily on the computer technology. As all their organization is running on computers. We, humans, are somehow become the slaves of the technology and that much involvement of technology in our lives leading us towards the dangerous path. Every kind of person individually using computer technology as a key source to do everything. Even this new generation stick themselves to technology and getting apart from nature. Use of the internet grows rapidly, students use it extensively to do their research and studies, group chats, use of social media and much more.

Since the invention of such technologies like computers, mobile phones, etc. humans tend to depend on them. Everyday usage of a computer or a cellular device is much more than it’s meant to be. People spend their days sitting in front of a big screen doing nothing, just scrolling through the internet on a computer which ultimately makes them sick and much more dependent. In all kinds of categories, computer technologies seemingly gain their importance. Mostly the young generation wasting their time by keeping themselves busy in playing video games, using social media, roaming around the internet all day without any specific purpose. And it’s not only sticking to a specific age, almost every age person from young to old doing the same thing.

21st century came up with the great revolution in technology and it brings the new devices like iPhone, social media platforms like twitter, Facebook which are much more addictive. Whenever you get to the extreme of something, it would become your obsession and will harm you in any way. With the invention of computer technologies, humans are able to perform various tasks effortlessly by just sitting on their couch at home. And these days all the things are just possible online like by one click you can order whatever you want. Without doing any human effort, you can get everything. Well, that’s good to hear but not that good to health as it made the humans much weaker and dull.

People are so busy in the technology world that they forgot to socialize in the real world, interact with the real people and interaction with nature and missing a lot. Well, that’s how the computer technology and modern century technology taking up the people like the potato does to the Irish people when their primary food was potato and it relies heavily upon it. That’s how the dependence can be related.




If all of a sudden, all the processors just stopped, that would create great chaos, ever seen in mankind history. People will start panicking. As today’s generation and all the businesses and the largest organizations are heavily dependent on the computer technologies as well as the mobile phone technologies, it would go in a complete halt and lapsed if something like that ever happened. Imagine a person’s life dependent on someone or something really close to his/her heart and all of a sudden if it’s just snatched away from it or just vanished, the person would really die and that’s the case we’re predicting here.

Without these technologies, all the systems, all the network will collapse and there would be a total blackout in the world. People won’t be able to communicate and the habit of extensive use of these technologies would make people suffer and stressed them mentally as they won’t be able to do anything and they won’t have anything else to do as they already cut themselves out of the real world. Well, it’s quite drastic and horrible to imagine something like that, and if really something like happens all the giant industries will fall into dumps within seconds. As there are many organizations out there which are just working by the online network serve and they don’t have any other source or purpose of doing their business. A great loss can occur.

There are slight chances that society starts looking towards the world where it was before the times when these inventions took place. Maybe we go back into ages, but people start seeing each other, try to communicate each other personally and try to build interaction with nature and explore the natural beauties like the old people do in their times. There are chances people start meeting each other again like the old times and the long conversations while sitting somewhere around the corner and having fun, maybe all these things return with such possibility. But still, it’s scary if all the systems just shut down at once.



From these two examples, it can be concluded that never depend yourself heavily on something. Crossing the limits and extensive use of anything can make you mentally paralyzed and slave to that thing. More and more depression can lead towards your way and can bring harmful damage to your health. The best thing to do is to fix your schedule and minimize the daily usage of computer technologies and all other kinds of technologies and just try to be the focus and more real in the life and interact with the people in the real world instead of social media. It’s better to use these technologies just for a purpose and then just put away and feel the nature.

With everyday advancement in technology, we can see that the people are getting weaker as they are dependent on the technologies and in an attempt of making their life easier, they’re actually putting themselves in health danger. In the end, one can say that it’s better to do more effort and minimize the use of technology as technology can also kill. And try to create more human-friendly environment like the old times.


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