Question-   what is the difference between job satisfaction and employee engagement?


How is an engaged employee different from a satisfied employee?

- An engaged employee is not the same as a happy employee, if their happiness does not get translated into actions at the workplace

- A satisfied employee may always be on time for work, but if they insists on catching the company Sus punctually at 5 PM, irrespective of urgent work pressures, then they are not an engaged employee.

- An engaged employee, on the contrary, has an emotional connect with the organization and is always ready to put in discretionary effort as a matter of habit through employees’ immersion with their work and “pride in their employer, the extent to which people enjoy and believe in what they do for work and  the perception that their employer values what they bring to the table.

ÒSo an engaged employee is important than a satisfied employee which is rise to support the business operative smoothly, contribute significantly to the long-term success of the company and transmit their values. Successful employee engagement will affect productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and revenue. At the same time, engaged employees are less likely to leave or be absent.

2. Why do companies/ organizations need to pay attention to employee engagement?


- Various research findings have established linkages between employee engagement and business outcomes: employee retention, productivity, profitability, customer loyalty, and safety. The findings suggest a positive correlation between employee engagement and revenue growth. Employee engagement is found to be higher in double-digit growth companies; it is also positively related to customer satisfaction.

- Engaged employces facilitate organizational performance by championing the organization to coworkers, potential employees, and customers; by staying on despite opportunities; and making serious endeavors to contribute to the success of the business.

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